It applies HTTP protocol, substituting the DNS protocol based on UDP, which can bypass the traditional Local DNS, and effectively avoid domain hijacking, slow validation, inaccurate source IP and other problems caused by the unreliability of Local DNS.

Use Now


High-speed Access
Access nodes cover major operators nationwide, Southeast Asia and North America, with accurate resolution and fast access
Secure Access
Bypass Local DNS of operators, no hijacking, prevent DNS from pollution and interception
Precise Scheduling
Identify source requests accurately to guide access to the most accurate node
Load Balancer
One IP for cluster disaster tolerance in three places, automatically conduct failover at second level, service can provide SLA of 99% or above


Domain Resolution

Domain Support of Whole Network

HTTPDNS supports the resolution of domains in the whole network, including JD Cloud registered domains and any domain registered on any third-party platform.

Accurate Resolution

Avoid Domain Hijacking

HTTP DNS supports client IP being carried directly in packet, can ensure the resolution based on real client IP, and can make sure the requests accessing to the best nodes of resolution configuration in combination with its IP database.

Access Domain Management

Access Domain Management

HTTP DNS provides access domain management function, and supports the addition and deletion of accessing domains. Domains must be added to the accessing domain list before the normal HTTP DNS resolution.

Resolution Report

Resolution Report

HTTP DNS provides history resolution report search function. Users can view the total volume of domain resolution and the resolution volume of each domain under their accounts based on different time span and granularity.


Mobile Resolution

HTTPDNS replaces the default domain resolution mode of mobile APPs and workspace applications with domain resolution via HTTP protocol to avoid the user network access exceptions caused by the Operator's Local DNS service exceptions.

Product using:
Virtual Machines