Human Detection

Based on industry-leading AI technology, it can precisely detect humans in images or videos and return human coordinate of high precision in a rectangular box

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High Accuracy
The algorithm model has won the several gold medals and silver medals in 2018 ECCV Global Competition. As the algorithm is continuously updated, it remains it leading benefits
Ability of Detecting Single-person and Multi-person Scenario
It not only supports single-person posture estimate, but also effectively supports human detection under multi-person scenario
Support to Horizontal and High Angle Shooting Perspective
It not only supports medium-distance and long-distance high angle shooting, but also supports horizontal angle shooting. Different modes will be called for different perspectives, making it accurate and reliable


Multiple Human Detection

Detect humans in images

Detect all humans in images

Return to human coordinate

Detect and return human body coordinate value

Detect and return human body coordinate value in images or videos as well as confidence coefficient


Smart Retail

Human Detection not only supports simple customer flow statistics, but also can count human flow, age group, gender and other customer information at entrance and exit of shopping mall and outlet in real time in combination with face detection API, analyze customer attribute and play the key function in guide by merchants and shopping guides, optimization of goods, outlet location and others

Security and Protection Monitoring

Security and protection monitoring can monitor human flow at scenic areas, airports, stations, schools, squares and other locations and provide public security guarantee

Other Scenarios

Other Scenarios Rapid detection and recognition can be realized quickly in other scenarios detected via Human Detection