Intelligent Anti-porn

Based on leading deep learning image recognition technology of the industry, intelligent recognition can be made to complexion, posture, scenario and others of images, “pornographic”, “vulgar”, “sexy” and “normal” probability of each image can be precisely and rapidly output, with pornographic image accuracy up to 99.95%, therefore effectively avoid pornographic contents

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Precise Identification
Through billion-level callings per day and practical verification of JD Mall’s own businesses, it achieves the leading recognition precision in the industry
Flexible and High-efficient
Based on pornographic content probability of images, judgment can be made by setting different thresholds and flexible application can be realized
Multi-dimension Recognition
The pornographic, vulgar, sexy and normal levels can be divided, making recognition more elaborative


Image Detection

Detect and recognize effective information in images

Based on images uploaded by users, recognize complexion, posture and scenario in images

Output pornographic content probability in images

Detect and output pornographic content probability in each image

Output probability of “pornographic”, “vulgar”, “sexy” and “normal” in each image


Content Audit

Make porn identification and recognition for contents of images uploaded by merchants or users by themselves, to improve porn identification efficiency

Advertisement Filter

Automatically detect pornographic information in advertisement and timely filter the same

News Media Audit

Audit images cited by articles of we-media and effectively avoid risks