IoT Edge

Intelligent system deployed and running on edge node devices extends cloud computing power to local edge nodes for executing intelligent computing on site. Users can obtain capabilities such as device access management, data nearby processing, AI deduction, etc. through edge computing nodes on device deployment site.

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Provide local data processing, AI learning, deduction, identification and other capabilities, which enable a certain AI computing and deduction capabilities.
Support multiple protocols to rapidly and conveniently access various terminal devices and sensors to IoT platform.
Real Time
Collect and process local data in real time and feed results back to users in real time.
Jobs of device access, control, data storage, analysis, processing, AI deduction, etc. can be done under offline status to avoid delay and job interruption caused by network for accelerating edge decision-making speed.
A massive of jobs of data collection and processing is done locally, so as to reduce costs of cloud transmission, storage and computing.


Device Access

Local Device Access

Provide supporting service of device access, allowing users to develop different device service for different devices.

Edge Computing

Image Detection Module

Local image detection module, caffe framework, supporting multiple AI modules and USB Camera. Support local storage and OSS storage for identification results.


Device JD Cloud Onboarding

By IoT Edge, you can directly access various sensors and devices without Internet connection capability to IoT platform for management after connecting them to edge nodes. In the meanwhile, device data can be stored directly in edge nodes and JD Cloud OSS.

Product using:
IOT HubObject Storage ServiceContainer Registry

Image Detection

By deploying image detection module on edge nodes, you can collect images with your local camera devices, detect and identify these images by using different AI training sets. Results and images of detection will be automatically saved in your OSS and can be reused for marking and AI training to meet your increasing developed business requirements.

Product using:
IOT HubContainer RegistryObject Storage Service