IoT Hub

The IoT Hub provides the device connection communication function to help users with collection and JD Cloud onboarding of device data; the platform provides the device management function to help users with remote management and controlling devices; the platform offers interfaces to forward and store the device data to other JD Cloud services through the rule engine so as to help users with the integration of applications.

Instant Account Setup


Quick Access
Support massive device access and quickly realize device access and communication based on Console and device SDK
Data Security
Provide secure and reliable device verification mechanism and guarantee device security and uniqueness
Convenient Expansion
Connect device data to JD Cloud products based on rule engine, quickly and conveniently realizing device storage and analysis.
Convenient Operation and Maintenance
The Console provides visual monitoring data indicators through which each data is clear at a glance.


Easy to Use

Quick Creation

Via the IoT Hub Console, attribute information such as device name, device scenario, device model and others are added, quickly completing registration of a single or a batch of devices

Reliable Management

Obtain device status in real time

Once the device is connected, device status information can be obtained in real time

Product Creation and Management

Customize products or create products by presetting template.

Device Dynamical Registration

Set the verification method for all devices under the products. Including: Close dynamic registration (adopt one-machine-one-secret verification for all devices), and enable dynamic registration (adopt one-machine-one-password verification for all devices)

Device Data Collection

Report the device data through the Thing Model to the cloud, and search the device data at any time

Standard Thing Model

Thing Model

The functional descriptions of devices on the cloud, through unified Thing Model definition and standard data, support definitions covering device attribute, event and service and simplify application development on devices and the cloud

Thing Model – Device Telemetry Data

The packet streaming data of device uplink is an observation value describing objective facts, which cannot be modified by the Cloud Service or other applications.

Thing Model – Device Status Property

Compared with packet data, the device status data, such as running status of device, device version number and sending frequency of device packet data, is updated with lower frequency. The status property can be modified by the Cloud Service or other applications.

Thing Model – Device Control Instruction

The control instructions of devices positively called by the Cloud Service or other applications or triggered by a rule in the rule engine will not modify the device status property. For example, the message broadcast instruction of all devices.

Convenient Data Processing and Operation

Rule Engine

Pre-process device data received by IoT Hub, set conditions as per prescribed business rule, quickly pre-process device data received by IoT Hub, forward and dump processed data to other service of JD Cloud, such as RDS, JCQ, ES, etc.


JD Cloud Onboarding of Device Data

After the cloud onboarding of device data, customers can configure the rule engine of the IoT Hub so as to store the device data to the storage service, e.g. Database RDS instance or ES instance; final customers can integrate their applications, such as machine learning, AI application, to achieve business objectives such as intelligent device management and predictive maintenance.

Product using:
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