IoT Card Service

Query Card Service provides users with 2/3/4G IoT Card purchase, renewal and management of three major operators (China Unicom, China Mobile and China Telecom).

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Large Coverage
To support different business scenarios by different users, the products we provide fully cover the products at different levels of three major operators (China Unicom, China Mobile and China Telecom).
Quick Access
To save the interface connection and joint debugging of users and operators in different provinces nationwide, JD Cloud IoT card service directly helps users access, and improves the launch speed of products and activities of the users.
Mass Connection
The strong technical capability supports mass connection of industrial and individual users.
High Stability
We have a powerful technical team, huge customer service as well as operation and maintenance teams to guarantee the stability of products.


Flexible Pricking Package

Rich Package

Support packages such as high traffic, medium traffic, short traffic, long period and short period packages and meeting different application scenarios of users.

Flexible Billing

Support pay-in-advance, pay-as-you-go, quota control, etc.

IoT Card

Card Type

Provide IoT cards such as consumer standard card, consumer double cut card, consumer triple cut card, industrial standard card and industrial card plus.

Developer Tools

Secondary Development API

Provide search, acceptance and notification APIs for flexible secondary development by customers.

On-line Operation

Well-developed Operation System

On-line ordering, off-line distribution, complete life cycle management, card consumption query, superimposing package purchase, purchases of bundle sales, order management, bill download, real-time monitoring and warning, etc.

Data Visualization

Billing Status Statistics

Support statistics & analysis to card information during quiet period, test period and billing period.

Excess and Expiration Statistics

Support data statistics & analysis on IoT card by expiration of the next month, expiration of next month, stop by used-up quota of this month, expiration of last month and stop by used-up quota in last month.

Mass-traffic TOP Ranking

Support ranking of high consumption IoT card in the latest 7 days.


2G Business

Among the 2G businesses, different scenarios such as intelligent power, intelligent water conservation, intelligent agriculture, intelligent town, intelligent security, intelligent traffic and smart city are supported.

2B Business

Among the 2B businesses, different scenarios such as intelligent media release, intelligent manufacturing, IoV, telemedicine, networking unmanned aerial vehicle and high definition video are supported.

2C Business

Among the 2C businesses, different scenarios such as wearable devices (kids' watch, intelligent bracelet and intelligent watch), on-board devices (T-Box, automobile data recorder, intelligent rearview mirror and on-board system), locator devices (anti-lost alarm and outdoor alarm) and mobile network devices (MIFI, translator and wireless connector) are supported.