JCS for Kubernetes

By adopting fully-hosted management node, JCS for Kubernetes offers simple, easy-to-use, high-reliable and powerful container management service to users. Compatible with Kubernetes API, integrating network, storage and other JD Cloud plug-ins, this product simplifies Kubernetes deployment and management, enhances application reliability, improves development efficiency and reduces cost. The service is free, and only the charge for resources used is collected, such as the VM and others.

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Easy to Use
The JCS for Kubernetes is created in the on-button manner via the console; the management node is provided with the fully-hosted design to remove tedious tasks, e.g. deployment, operations and upgrade; the customized image of work nodes is provided and a variety of components necessary for work nodes of the cluster are preset.
In the same region, the management and work nodes of clusters can be deployed in different availability zone and a single cluster can at least operate three Virtual Machines as the management nodes, and meanwhile, the fault domain can be isolated based on the availability group of JD Cloud so as to further increase the reliability.
Based on JD Cloud SDN, it provides CNI network plug-in, relies on the high availability and reliability of JD Cloud VPC, and easily adapts to the network demand of different scale production environment; it provides the CSI storage plug-in, integrates the Cloud Disk Service and provides the safe and reliable persistent storage; and it integrates JD Cloud Load Balancer service.
Cost Performance
The JD Cloud JCS for Kubernetes is offered for free for the moment. Currently, you only need to pay for cloud resources created in cluster according to your requirements, including Virtual Machines, public IP, and Cloud Disk Service.


Trusteeship with Full Authority regarding Management Node

Trusteeship with Full Authority regarding Management Node to JD Cloud

The management node is deployed and maintained by JD Cloud. The deployment scope covers multiple areas, supporting multiple available zones in the same area to deploy the cluster, and the management node adopts a highly available node redundancy mechanism. The JCS for Kubernetes version is fully verified by JD Cloud and is safe and reliable.

Working Node Group

Support Selection by Users on the Basis of Business demand

The type and initial number of work nodes are selected by the users according to the needs of the service. Based on the Availability Group to achieve fault domain isolation, the latest Skylake platform Virtual Machines is adopted, which supports general-purpose, computationally-optimized and memory-optimized types.

Integrated JD Cloud Plugin

Integrated JD Cloud Plugin

Providing CNI network plug-in based on JD Cloud SDN network, it can easily adapt to the network demands of different scale production environment; integrating CSI storage plug-in and Cloud Disk Service to provide secure and reliable persistent storage for stateful services; integrating JD Cloud Load Balancer service to provide secure, reliable network access.

Open and Compatible

Compatible with Kubernetes app

Compatible with all applications running on standard Kubernetes environment and it could easily migrated to the JD Cloud JCS for Kubernetes.

Console Dashboard

Deploy JCS for Kubernetes application by the console

You can operate through the Console Dashboard to deploy the four common used resources, Deployment, Pod, Service, and ConfigMap in JCS for Kubernetes, so as to simplify the user deployment processes


Continuous Integration and Deployment

By virtue of JCS for Kubernetes, create the development and testing deployment flow under the unit of container, which simplifies the environment setup steps, improves the resource utilization and the development and testing deployment speed, and lowers the migration costs. Container can be quickly created and deleted, realizing fast iteration, and saving a lot of development, testing and deployment time.

Micro service-oriented architecture

Container is a "natural"carrier of micro-service-oriented architecture. By virtue of JCS for Kubernetes, the lightweight class and unified deployment feature of the container brings a brand-new thought for unified management, dispatching and deployment of various micro services, and remarkably reduces the dependency between service and version, allowing the same micro service to maintain good consistency in different environment.

Quick Auto Scaling

By virtue of the capacity of container (namely quick start, quick deployment and mass concurrency), JCS for Kubernetes can perfectly meet the burst business demands of the applications under large variation and needing quick start of hundreds of or even thousands of machines.