JCS for SQL Server

JCS for SQL Server is a cloud database product based on Microsoft SQL Server, with advantages of high service availability, high data reliability, diversified features, high efficiency, stability, easy operation and maintenance, etc. It is the most suitable commercial cloud database for governments, enterprises and e-commerce.

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Diversified Features
Automatically switch faults without being defected by applications; Make periodic backup every day and be able to be recovered to any time point of 7 day; Audit databases and meet compliance requirements; Make performance statistics & analysis and find potential performance neck; Cloud on Single Database and make data cloud access simply via three steps; Automatically monitor alarms and make operation and maintenance in an effort-saving way;
Efficient and Stable
Complete SSD memory and high IO efficiency solve the IO bottleneck of databases; With the master and backup high-availability architecture, the fault is automatically transferred; The carefully-optimized running environment is stable and reliable; The multiple-availability-zone deployment greatly improves system reliability.
Convenient Operation and Maintenance
Convenient: Create an instance by one key and launch in several minutes; Effort-saving: No need to pay attention to the system and database patches; Worry-free: Multi-dimensional monitoring and automatic alarm are realized; Rest-assured: The 7*24 monitoring is provided by a professional team;
Cost Saving
No need to purchase expensive hardware devices in advance; No need to purchase SQL Server license; Pay on demand and the resource utilization rate is high; Save efforts and focus on business development;


High availability of primary and secondary architecture and automatic switching

High-availability architecture with One for Use and One for Standby

Provide a primary-secondary architecture of high availability and synchronize data of a primary instance to a secondary instance in real time;

Automatic Awareness and Master and Backup Switch

The system can automatic detect a fault and perform primary-secondary switching;.

Rapid Switch and Bare Awareness

Switching can be completed in tens of seconds and no data is lost in the switching process, with no perception to the applications;

Automatic Backup and No Need to Worry About Data

Customized Backup Time

The system can automatically back up every day according to the user-defined time segments. The online backup can be kept for up to 2 years, meeting the compliance requirements of enterprises or governments;

Backup Download Supported

Provide the backup and download feature, and you can download the backup to other medias;

Provide functions of Instance-level and Database-level Manual Backup and Recovery

It also provides manual backup and recovery features at the instance level and database level to meet various needs of users;

Database Audit

Native Audit

Based on native audit of SQL Server, the reliability is high;

Customized Auditing Policies

Audit strategies can be customized to meet different business scenarios demands;

Inability to Tamper, Security and Reliability

The audit result is in binary format which cannot be tampered with;

Performance Statistics & Analysis

Multiple Statistical Indicators

Support a variety of SQL and index performance statistics indicators to identify potential performance bottlenecks;

Customized Statistical Condition

Customize statistical conditions to meet different demands of different business systems;

Provision of Analysis and Suggestion

Provide missing index analysis and suggestions on creation, helping to improve system performance;

Multi-dimensional Monitoring and Customized Alarm

Multi-dimensional Monitoring

Provide system-level and database instance-level monitoring from various dimensions, with a variety of monitoring indicators;

Customized Alarm Rules, SMS/Email notification

The alarm rules can be customized according to the monitoring indicators, and notified by SMS, email, etc.

Multiple Security Protection Mechanisms

Firewall Protection

The host is under the protection of the firewall; only the necessary ports are opened, and various system patches are installed to fix security vulnerabilities, in order to resist various malicious attacks and ensure database security.

VPC Protection

SQL Server’s instance runs in the logically-isolated Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), hence it can avoid the direct exposure of database on EIP and can avoid most attacks;

Customized Security Policy

Security policies can be defined and enhanced through security groups and ACL rules to further enhance database security;


Enterprise ERP/Mobile Office

It is suitable for the demands of enterprise ERP core application and mobile office. Mature Enterprise Database SQL Server satisfies your requirements for processing complex business logics and high data consistency. The main backup structure based on multiple availability zones provides the maximum high-reliability security for enterprise data and business. Its feature of easy maintenance makes you focus on enterprise business development rather than operation and maintenance.


Facing the E-commerce transaction and O2O scenarios, Enterprise Database SQL Server gives a solution to the harsh requirements for strong consistency of transaction data and financial data in E-commerce, satisfying the performance demands of high-concurrency mass transactions of E-commerce. It is recommended to set up JCS for MySQL for storage of commodity data and user data at the same time. JCS for Redis Cluster is used to cache website data.

Public Service Platform of Government

The rich features of SQL Server can meet the various needs of the government public service platform for the database; the active and standby architecture of the multi-availability zone can provide stable, efficient, secure and reliable data services for the government public service platform to meet the requirements of government for high reliability, high performance, high security, low cost and easy maintenance.