Equal Edge Service

JDCloud Equal Edge Service (JEES for short) is a distributed hash rate resource platform set up based on JD Cloud and user-side edge nodes. The edge services nearby shall be provided to help the user in CDN edge and effectively reducing computational delays and costs

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Overall Coverage
A quantity of node resources near the user edge cover mainstream regions and operators in China, guarantee users’ low delay from the infrastructure level
Elastic Sales
The edge hash rate is used on demand and paid by usage and the resource is dynamically expanded and contracted
Intelligent Edge
Extend JD Cloud service capacity to the edge, support face recognition, image recognition, big data processing and other capacities and provide nearby real-time edge service
Simplified Running
Support two running methods of container and Native, meet user’s demands for light application management and quickly build edge running environment
Open and Compatible
The local operation package supports multiple hardware types such as X86, ARM, amd64 and mips as well as mainstream operating systems of Linux and Darwin
Security and Reliability
Peering Connection is featured by nontransitive interconnection, thus guaranteeing data security; with capacities such as multi-tenant hash rate, network security isolation, certificate encryption as well as automatic operation and maintenance monitoring, the channel security is guaranteed


Device Access

Secure Access of Massive Edge Node

Based on massive edge node construction, the coverage is wide and the average delay is less than 5ms; access to nodes of multi-terminal types is supported

Task Management

Life Cycle Management of Edge Application

Based on the distributed system architecture, application instances can be created and managed via a one-stop way; it is compatible with docker ecology and can help user management by distributing images

Automatic Scheduling

Intelligent Node Selection

Intelligently select nodes based on hash rate demands and edge node load; the perfect monitoring and service system is based on intelligent monitoring and scheduling for service quality;

Self-service Operation and Maintenance

One-stop Operation and Maintenance Monitoring

The application upgrade mode is smooth and predictable and upgrade risk is controllable; Monitoring is integrated to give real-time notice on network environment; and the cloud distributes, manages, monitors and make operation and maintenance on tasks for edge application in a unified way