JD WorkSpaces

JD WorkSpaces is a secure and convenient cloud-based virtual Windows desktop service provided by JD Cloud. Users can access the office environment anytime and anywhere without purchasing, deploying, operating and maintaining physical infrastructure. JD WorkSpaces provides users with superior experience by creating a safer and more convenient IT office system boosting high performance, low cost, and high efficiency.

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Use of Shortcut
JD WorkSpaces can be subscribed for purchase via operation on Console, so as to reduce complex configuration, and enjoy convenience and fast speed.
Resource Elasticity
Provide a series of optional package specifications including CPU, memory and storage to avoid resources waste.
Access at anywhere
Enjoy easiness by being capable of access at anywhere, easy use of common peripherals and working on cloud.
Security and Reliability
Data persistence at data center can provide better security due to precluding data leakage and user terminal storage.
Simplify O&M
With JD WorkSpaces O&M service provided by professional O&M team, you can avoid getting trouble in O&M, saving your time and labor.
Top Level Protocol
Provide advanced network transport protocol to reduce the demand stress of network and improve display effect.


Data Security

Reliability of Data Cloud

Data are stored at cloud rather than the client which is only responsible for displaying through display protocol and transmitting audio code stream so as to avoid data leakage

Data High Availability

With distributed cloud storage technology and multiple data backup, the reliability of cloud storage data is up to 99.99%

End-to-end Security

Security enhancement measures of transport encryption, port restriction and others have been taken for transport protocol of JD WorkSpaces

Mobile Access

Support multiple devices access

Multiple types of terminals are supported for accessing JD WorkSpaces, such as thin client (TC), iPhone, iPad, Android cellphone, Android tablet, Windows PC, and Mac computer.

Mobile access at anywhere in anytime

Support Internet access via Internet, mobile network and others. Meanwhile, VPN or direct connection and Intranet interconnection methods are supported

USB Peripheral Support

Peripheral Virtual Channel

Users can seamlessly use various peripherals at JD WorkSpaces by clipboard redirection, file redirection and other dedicated peripheral redirection virtual channels

The types of USB peripherals are rich

Universal USB channel provides redirection for USB device and it can also be used as a standby transmission channel of part of dedicated peripherals

USB Peripheral Controllability

The transport behavior of peripherals can be managed and controlled through configuration

Elastic Resources

Multiple Configuration Types

Multiple optional configuration types allow purchase based on different customer scenarios

Multiple Billing Types

Elastic use of resources and free control of resource lease use time greatly reduce maintenance costs of JD WorkSpaces and improve experience and efficiency of users

Access at Multiple Locations|Centralized Management

Access at Multiple Locations

The services are provided at multiple regions nationwide, and teams can conduct access nearby and obtain efficient access of JD WorkSpaces

Centralized Management

Manage mass of JD WorkSpaces via Console and rapidly use, configure and delete JD WorkSpaces according to your changes of requirements

Customized Services

Standard Products of Public Cloud

Directly subscribe and purchase at Console of Public Cloud with simplification and easy use

Customized Mode

Professional JD Cloud Onboarding service of architect team can satisfy the customized requirements to Public Cloud standard product

Enterprise AD Management

Basic User Management

JD WorkSpaces provides basic functions for terminal user management through mailing system

Enterprise AD Domain Control

Architects provide you with customized services for supporting integration of enterprise AD domain control


Lease of JD WorkSpaces of Public Cloud

Typical scenarios: ● Large online competitions ● Large online events ● Large online videos ● New business growth challenges to be faced ● Implement cloud computing construction strategy ● Urgent need to meet new demands of users

Product using:
JD WorkSpacesVPCAuto Scaling

Outsourcing/Third Party/Branches

Typical scenarios: ● There are so many branches with decentralized management architecture ● Branch ... cannot be solved without a unified portal ● The control and management of source codes developed by outsourcing ● Unable to audit the records of random downloading, operating behavior and logs of sensitive data such as system configuration during the O&M services provided by outsourcing ● Most of the secret transaction data and files are stored in the local machines of the users, generating risk and hidden danger about data loss and data leakage

Product using:
JD WorkSpacesVPCDirect Connection

Government and Enterprise Security Office

Typical scenarios: ● Multiple functional departments of government need both cooperation and data separation ● The relationship between original multiple sets of application systems of government is complex ● Hybrid use of new and legacy software and hardware is difficult to be managed ● The typically adopted physical resources office environments of Internet and Intranet lead to resources waste and secret leakage risk

Product using:
JD WorkSpacesDirect ConnectionEndpoint Security

Mobile Office

Typical scenarios: ● Access JD WorkSpaces at anywhere ● Suitable for persons who are often on business trip or mobile office ● Traveling personnel cannot access company business outside. They can only conduct business contact by emails, which is inefficient

Product using:
JD WorkSpaces