JDStack Proprietary Cloud

JDStack is a Proprietary Cloud product of JD Cloud, featured by privatization deployment, high availability and unified control. Based on the reliable computing service capabilities of JD Cloud, it can rapidly build a mature, stable, secure and compliant cloud platform for government and enterprise customers.

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Stable and Reliable Cloud Products

Based on the technical service capacity of JD Cloud, it owns a full set of cloud services, including elastic computation, network, database, storage and security, with same computing capability as JD Cloud.

Independent & Flexible Deployment Scheme

The product is adopted with distributed structure, and able to support the software or software-and-hardware integrated privatization deployment scheme according to the demand of customers, with flexible deployment and fast delivery.

Advanced Security Disaster Tolerance Capability

All-round disaster tolerance system is employed and a multi-level security protection architecture with respect to physics, virtualization and application is provided to ensure the data security of customers and high availability of services.

Professional Technical Support

JD Cloud provides exclusive architect services and professional operation and maintenance teams in aspects of technical consulting, architecture design, development scheme, project delivery, and upgrading maintenance to facilitate the business of customers.

Product Overview

Application Service Operation and Maintenance
Log Service API Gateway IAM Tenant Administration Resource Metering Monitoring Operation and Maintenance of Data Center
Computing and Network Services Storage Service Database Service
Virtual Machines Virtual Private Cloud Load Balancer Cloud Disk Service Object Storage Service MySQL SQL Server
JDStack Management System

Service and Support

Consulting Service

JD Cloud provides customers with all-round Proprietary Cloud pre-sales consulting services, and helps customers complete the cloud scheme planning on the service in combination with the customers' business scenarios. Services include:

  • Business Scenario and Scale Investigation
  • Data Center and Server Planning
  • Platform Architecture and Business Planning
  • Multi-center and Disaster-tolerant Safety Scheme and Operation and Maintenance Planning
Delivery Service

JD Cloud provides customers with standardized delivery schemes, covering IDC engineering survey, network architecture planning, server deployment, cloud platform deployment, functional acceptance and test, etc. Moreover, it helps customers build a complete and available Proprietary Cloud platform. Services include:

  • Planning of Implementation Plan
  • Proprietary Cloud Platform Deployment
  • Test and Acceptance of Performance and Function of Cloud Platform
  • Detailed Guides and Technical Supports
Upgrade Service

JD Cloud continues to issue a new version of Proprietary Cloud, and customers can enjoy professional upgrade services of Proprietary Cloud as demand. The Proprietary Cloud help customers keep up with the technological upgrading of JD Cloud. Services include:

  • Planning of Upgrading Scheme
  • Upgrading Scheme Implementation
  • Functional Verification on Cloud Platform Upgrading
  • Repair on Version Defect
Operation and Maintenance Services

JD Cloud provides various professional technical consulting services. In addition, it can quickly respond to the malfunction-alarming, provide the site operation and maintenance service, and closely communicate with customers to ensure high availability of the system. Services include:

  • Site Operation and Maintenance and Safety Inspection
  • Service Planning, Coordination and Management
  • Fault Processing and High System Availability