Lexical Analysis

Provide functions of Chinese word segmentation, part-of-speech tagging and named entity recognition, parse basic language factors in natural language and grant part of speech, recognize particular type of things name or symbol in text and support accurate understanding of natural language

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Rich Linguistic Information
Annotation data of rich open field and e-commerce field are provided
Free Customization
It can flexibly expand the user customization. Chinese word segmentation/part-of-speech tagging/named entity recognition support dynamic loading of word table. The results of word segmentation can be modified at any time
Optimization for E-Commerce Field
Special optimization is made for word segmentation and NER recognition with high accuracy


Chinese Word Segmentation

Carry out word segmentation by part of speech

Segment the continuous text of natural language into vocabulary sequence with rationality and completeness of semantics

Part-of-speech Tagging

Complete part-of-speech tagging

Through the part-of-speech tagging service, the user can quickly attach the corresponding part of speech for every word, and while combining the word segmentation service, the user can also quickly carry out deeper text mining processing without worrying new word discovery, ambiguity resolution and other problems

Named Entity Recognition

Recognize fixed entity name

Quickly recognize entities in text thus to mine the relations among the entities, covering recognition of brand, product, model and so on in the e-commerce field and names of a person, place and institution, time and date and so on in some general fields


Text Search

Text Search improves the accuracy of text search or review quality

Real Database Setup

Real Database Setup builds the knowledge graph according to the relation between the entity and it

Instruction Parse

Instruction Parse enables the machine to understand the instruction more accurately