Live Video

The Live Video service is based on the high-quality network infrastructure and large-scale distributed real-time transcoding technology of JD Cloud Platform, providing customers with low-latency, high-availability and easy-to-access one-stop live video services to solve their underlying R&D problems, reduce equipment operation and maintenance cost, and help customers quickly build their own live platforms and applications. To activate this service, please contact the operational staff by 4006151212.

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Multiple Terminals and Multiple Protocols
It supports RTMP/HDL/HLS protocols, PC/iOS/Android multi-terminal live video and video play
Multiple Industries and Multiple Scenarios
It supports multiple live broadcast application scenarios like e-business, entertainment, online education, game, finance.
Professional Video Capacity
A rich set of features, such as real-time transcoding, live video recording, live screenshot and timeshift restart, are provided to meet a variety of workload demands for live video.
Comprehensive Security Protection
Features, including anti-leech, authentication, content approval, etc. are provided to safeguard live broadcast services.
24h Expert Service
A 24/7 specialist customer service is provided to help customers deal with problems and safeguard continuous services.
Complete Solutions
The pushing streaming and player mobile SDKs with a rich set of features provide customers with complete end-to-end live solutions
Configuration of Live Streaming Level
Transcoding, recording, snapshot and watermark on the Console and API can be exact to the streaming level configuration to satisfy personalized demands of customers
Flexible Template Configuration Policy
Transcoding, recording, snapshot and watermark templates are separately managed with their configuration and can be called for several times, resulting in a more flexible configuration


Video Processing

Real-time Transcoding

High-performance distributed transcoding cluster can convert source streams into live streams of different resolutions and code rates in real time, suitable for PC, PAD, mobiles and other terminal devices.

Live Recording

Seamlessly docked with JD Cloud storage, and live contents can be recorded in real time for archival and replay.

Live Screenshot

Generate video images periodically, convenient for users to review content and dynamically update live cover

Edge Pushing Streaming

Abundant node quantity and leading distribution technology, which can effectively reduce live broadcast delay through edge pushing streaming

Live Watermark

Support adding watermark logo to live streaming so as to strengthen brand publicity and copyright protection

Point Print Recording

Support cutting out video highlights according to the customer demand and merge them into one video file

Timeshift Restart

Support configuring timeshift and restart for live streaming to satisfy personalized release demands

Jingxiang Super Definition

With JD Cloud's special video encoding capability and optimization algorithm, it can implement intelligent analysis and processing on contents, scenarios and frames in videos to enable high definition while reducing the video code rate to effectively save bandwidth used and costs for customers

Security Protection


Provide the black and white lists of referers to prevent video resources from being stolen

Live Authentication

Support live authentication, to effectively guarantee the security of pushing streaming and broadcast

One-click Cutoff

Rich Streaming Management console interfaces can cut off operation in real time to ensure broadcasting safety

Pushing streaming SDK

iOS, Android Adaptation

Provide different pushing streaming installation packages of iOS and Android

H.264/H.265 Pushing Streaming

Support pushing streaming in coding formats of H.264/H.265 for streamers' choices

Beauty Filter

Support beauty modes such as buffing, whitening, and multiple video and audio effects for customers’ pushing streaming calling

Player SDK

iOS, Android Adaptation

Provide different player installation packages of iOS and Android

Pre-loading Play

A next video will be pre-loaded when the current one is playing and this function is suitable for playing short video

Gif Snapshot

Video or GIF motion graphic snapshot is allowed at a customized location during video playing

Multi-instance Play

Replaying with one instance is supported without creating a new instance for each playing

Statistics & Analysis

Rich Statistics & Analysis

Support statistics and viewing of bandwidth, traffic and online number of people to help customers effectively analyze the business direction