Log Service

Log Service is a one-stop log service platform provided by JD Cloud. It provides real-time log collection, log storage, log retrieval, intelligent analysis and other functions to help users solve business operation, workload monitoring, log analysis and other problems through logs.

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Simple and Easy to Use
Cloud product log collection does not need to be installed with plug-ins. Simply select the product type, log type, and collection instance to complete the collection configuration.
Quick Query Analysis
Support full-text retrieval and key value retrieval, make full use of log data to meet operation and maintenance needs.
Rich cloud product types are supported
Log collection of multiple cloud products such as Application Security Gateway and Function Computing is supported.


Log Data Collection

Real Time Collection of Cloud Product Log Data

The log data of multiple cloud products can be collected in real time. Users can select the required cloud product type and related log type for collection.

Log Retrieval

Full Text Retrieval

The cloud product log establishes a full-text index by default. Users enter the field that needs to be retrieved, and all the fields in the log can be retrieved without distinguishing between key and value.

Key Value Retrieval

The cloud product log establishes a key value index by default. Users can retrieve the value of the specified Key, narrow the retrieval range, and quickly and accurately retrieve it.

Log Dump

Real-time Dump of Log Data

Meet the users’ needs in connection with long-term storage of log data, log audit and offline analysis. Users can dump the log data in Object Storage Service by selecting the subject of the log to be dumped to create a dump task.


Background Operation and Maintenance Troubleshooting

The Log Service stores the system logs of the cloud products to the JD Cloud platform through the built-in collection plug-in, and automatically establishes full-text index and key value index. When processing background operation and maintenance troubleshooting, you can quickly find the problem log through full-text retrieval and key value retrieval, locate the cause of the problem, and improve the efficiency and accuracy of operation and maintenance.