NAT Gateway

The overall hosted NAT Gateway service provides users with convenient and reliable access to Internet.

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Complete Cabinet Service
JD Cloud’s Complete Cabinet Service, Free-maintenance by Users
High Performance
The distributed NAT Gateway developed by JD Cloud provides maximum 4Gbps throughput and maximum 10 million con-current connections
High Availability
Provide AZ-level availability
Purchase on demand
NAT Gateway specification and Public IP bandwidth can be adjusted at any time, easily coping with business change



Switch SNAT address to hidden private IP

The SNAT function provides agent service to access Internet to virtual machine instance without the Public IP in VPC. Meanwhile, it prevents Internet from actively connecting these virtual machine instances, playing a specific role of security and protection. Meanwhile, multiple intranet instances have access to the public network via one NAT Gateway Public IP to share the bandwidth.

Traffic Monitoring

Multi-dimension Monitoring

The monitoring page provides multi-dimensional data such as public network access in and out rate speed (bps), concurrent connections, created connections, NAT Gateway package loss number, source port exhaustion and packet loss number, facilitating users to monitoring NAT Gateway traffic health status in real time


Access to public network via shared IP of Virtual Machines

If the user has several VMs necessary for public access, the function of self-build SNAT can be used to share the IP bandwidth.

Several NAT gateways in one VPC

Several NAT Gateways can be created by one VPC and different NAT Gateways are used by different subnets, to isolate traffics and isolate error domains