NF1 ADC is not only an integrated high-performance Load Balancer, but also integrates enterprise-level WAF and provides powerful data monitoring and analyzing capacity, reducing cost and decreasing network deployment complexity. With high availability, elastic expansion design and Cloud Native friendliness, it is suitable for microservice architecture.

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Innovative User Experience
The innovative interaction design of NF1 ADC brings the user-friendly experiences and is easy to control business status and resource usage. With the optimized configuration structure, the complex configuration can be done in a single page, which is fresh and efficient with clear logic, and the user's configuration idea and the using habits are fully taken into account.
Cloud Native Affinity
NF1 ADC has the data analysis capability and provides rich API support for cloud native services so that it is easy to manage operation and maintenance. When the user already has the data monitoring and analysis service, NF1 ADC also can provide easy integration and connection of data sources.
Easy to Deploy and Horizontal Expansion
For product architecture design, NF1 fully takes performance requirements for business development into account, with high-available clusters and elastic expansion to be built for several ADCs, facilitating user’s expansion based on performance demand.
Security Protection Capability
NF1 ADC integrates the Web security protection capability, brings the application security protection capability in the same level of cloud WAF flagship version and shares WAF rule bases of JD Cloud so as to enrich experience in attack and protection, and strengthen application security while solving application load demand.
Multi-dimensional Data Visualization
NF1 ADC can provide the real-time data monitoring capability so as to provide multi-dimensional data monitoring for the ADC physical status and business status. Through historical data backtracking and statistics, it can assist business data monitoring, attack behavior analysis, data visualization and event traceability.
Super-high Return on Investment
Compared with traditional application delivered products, NF1 ADC can reduce cost investment by at least 50%, and at the same time, it does not need to purchase additional WAF modules, bringing customers a higher return on investment ratio.
Consulting Service of Expert Team
NF1 provides expert team consulting services. Relying on security, operation and maintenance experiences for years of JD Mall, it provides corresponding solutions for different stages of development of the enterprise.
Delivery of Solutions
NF1 provides overall solutions delivery, including NF1 ADC, DDoS protection and GTC global traffic scheduling component, to solve SLB, GSLB, application security protection, network attack protection and other requirements and problems in all dimensions.


Application Load Balancer

Complete Application Load Balancer Function

NF1 ADC provides Load Balancer function, supporting multiple protocols, including TCP, UDP, HTTP, HTTPS, and HTTP2.0. It also supports application routing functions with Domain, Path and other methods, actively carry out health check to quickly eliminate the failure nodes. Whether the service is deployed in a physical server cluster or a K8S cluster, NF1 can easily handle it.

Business Acceleration

SSL Detach Site-wide Rapid Upgrade

NF1 ADC can achieve site-wide rapid security upgrade, SSL unloading and acceleration functions, to improve the business access experience. With HTTP compression technology, it can reduce the amount of data transmission and improve page access speed. For long-connection services, it provides session persistence function. With flexible client and client setting, it is suitable for different business scenarios.

Traffic Management Platform

Unified Management Configuration Issuance

NF1 traffic management platform provides an agile management portal, manages ADC clusters deployed across cloud environments in unified manner, and implements centralized ADC status monitoring and configuration management by adjusting the Load Balancer and the Web security configuration as required by business. Rich visual reports facilitate the analysis of business status and attack behavior so as to build a unified strategic command center.

Elastic Expansion and High Availability

Elastic Expansion Architecture with High Availability

NF1 ADC architecture design fully takes into account of expansion and high availability, which supports elastic expansion. It can build small, medium-sized, large-scale and super-large security traffic access clusters according to business needs. The single-node exception forwarding system can be automatically removed without any perception to users so as to guarantee high availability of applications.

Web Security Protection

Web Security Protection Capacity of Flagship Version

NF1 ADC can withstand OWASP TOP 10 threats, support security protection capabilities such as whitelist and blacklist, CC security protection, Web customized protection, speed limit, HTTP traffic management, website tamper resistance, malicious IP punishment and anti-creeper, and provide detailed attack behavior analysis for protecting application security.

Data Monitoring and Log Analysis

Rich Data Monitoring and Log Analysis Report

NF1 provides rich data monitoring dimensions, including real-time traffic, real-time QPS, status code statistics, protocol proportion statistics, real-time attack behavior, defense quantity, request resource statistics, dynamic update of monitoring data more timely and accurately. NF1 provides multi-dimensional analysis reports, supporting business reports, which can make data analysis for domain, VIP and other dimensions, and such results can be quickly shared to the mobile terminal; for safety, it can make statistics and analysis for attack behaviors and resources, realizing security visualization.

Network Load Balancer

High-performance Network Load Balancer Based on DPDK

NF1 can provide functions of high-performance Network Load Balancer based on DPDK technology. It withstood times of traffic tests of JD Mall Promotions, with features of high performance and high reliability. Full-NAT Mode standalone supports million-level QPS and 1,600W concurrent connections. Session synchronization can guarantee long connection without interception, support TCP syn-proxy at the same time and clean attack traffic, with good security protection capability.

Cloud and terminal coupling

NF1 Overall Solutions

NF1 ADC is configured with cloud storage function and linked with cloud storage to facilitate device migration and ensure data security. Among the NF1 overall solutions, the DDoS protection function of private deployment is provided and attack protections such as Syn flood, Ack flood, UDP flood and ICMP flood are supported. Provide innovative cloud Anti-DDoS Pro Linkage mechanism, normal status off-line analysis, serial cloud TB-level defense capability against attacks, and 7*24 security expert team support.

IPv6 Support

Support IPv6 Access and Back-to-origin

NF1 ADC supports IPv6 access and back-to-origin while there is no need to reform the application system, facilitating the user to upgrade the IPv6 network.


Data Center Multi-active Scenario

The data center built by the user can provide external application services. The data center is characterized by multiple zones and multiple POP portals, with relatively high requirements for reliability, stability and business continuity. In the scenario, ADC provides capabilities of Application Security Protection and Load Balancer; GTC service monitors POP status in real time, when the traffic portal exception is found, GSLB conducts global traffic scheduling to ensure business continuity.

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Hybrid cloud business scenario

The user can deploy business by combining the self-built data center with the public cloud, with the scenario demands of high reliability, elastic expansion and security protection. Such plan is NF1 overall solution; the data center uses NF1 ADC to optimize traffic distribution and provide protection against application attacks. For DDoS security protection component, when the detected attack traffic exceeds the threshold value of local protection, the cloud protection capacity shall be expanded for traffic cleaning and protection.

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NF1 ADCAnti-DDoS Pro