One-stop Hardware Solution Service

Tailor hardware solutions for you according to your application and environmental needs, in combination with JD’s data center hardware technology and ecological accumulation, which can cover different requirements on the hardware of computing, storage, network and other modules from customers of different sizes


Profound Accumulation
JD’s business scenarios are diverse, it accumulated rich hardware solutions in e-commerce, logistics, finance, cloud, big data, AI, IoT and other scenarios and formed complete scheme development, verification, delivery process and specifications.
Abundant Resources
Relying on the strong supply chain capability of JD Group, integrate IT industrial chain resources so to provide optimal hardware solutions.
Diverse Categories
Hardware solutions of JD Cloud provide the most abundant hardware categories, including servers and storage products of various platforms, CPU, memories, hard disks, SSD, network interfaces, GPU, fans, power supplies and other components of various brands and models, as well as all network devices connected to the core
Expert Team
JD hardware solutions team is composed of a group of hardware experts with over 10 years of working experience on average, with wide reading and abundant experience


Scheme Suggestions

Hardware Solution Suggestions

Through interviews with customers, have an in-depth understanding of customers’ needs and pain points and carry out scheme development, and provide customers with hardware solution suggestions in combination with technical characteristics, feasibility, scheme performance, scheme TCO and supply chain of each solution

Scheme Verification

Hardware Solution Verification

Verify, adjust and optimize the function, performance, reliability and availability of the solution and provide the customer with verification results and analysis in the manner of test reports

Scheme Delivery

Hardware Solution Delivery

Organize scheme suggestions and verification results, deliver the final solutions to the customer and give detailed explanations


Hardware Model Selection

According to customers’ application demands, in combination with the hardware model selection experience accumulated by JD over years and its deep understanding of hardware technology and supply chain, test model selection service is provided for servers, network devices and parts

Planning and Definition of Server Package

From the perspectives of function, performance, cost, reliability, availability and feasibility etc., the server package most suitable for the business scenario is customized for you

Configuration Modification of On-line Server

Based on the on-line server’s brand, model and specific configuration as well as status, simple and feasibility configuration modification and capacity expansion schemes are provided

Server Reuse

Old servers in customers’ data centers are reused and reconstructed, and value is re-created for the original traditional architecture as well as physical machine environment through integration of parts and upgrade of software, to save customers’ costs

Hardware Optimization

The characteristics of customers’ applications and systems are analyzed through customer interview, to find out the bottleneck or surplus of system performance and provide cost or performance optimization suggestions for customers’ current hardware schemes