PLUS Meeting

JD Cloud PLUS Meeting is a SaaS-based service that is ready to use, easy to use, and supports enterprise customization. It can create a one-stop audio and video interaction and data sharing platform for users, and the smooth meeting experience self-adaptively adjusted according to the network condition; it can help enterprises improve enterprise productivity, strengthen collaborative office, and achieve the real situation where people can see each other as long as they want to.

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SaaS cloud video meeting system
No need to depend on software and hardware inside and outside the enterprise; support connection to the existing MCU; catch multiple terminal connections in one draft; no construction cycle for the system, you can use it immediately upon buying it, satisfying all kinds of meeting scenarios.
Network Bandwidth Self-adaption
It is self-adaptive based on users’ bandwidth status to guarantee all personnel can smoothly and stably attend the meeting
Mobile Office
Support use in multi-terminal including IOS, Android, and PC to guarantee meeting whenever and wherever possible


SaaSCloud Meeting

Cloud Video Meeting System, Global Distributional Deployment

Preferential access from multi-line Load Balancer, ensuring that users around the world can join the meeting quickly in a more flexible access mode; enterprise users can use them directly without login after purchase, and have a good user experience; no meeting room limit, enterprise administrators can allocate on demand

Network Bandwidth Self-adaption

Network bandwidth self-adaption, ensuring the quality and fluency of the meeting call

Network bandwidth self-adaptation: 300K-3M low bandwidth to ensure image fluency; image coding self-adaption: 360p-720p image resolution automatic adjustment; packet loss recovery self-adaption: 30% network packet loss image without mosaic

Mobile Office

Meetings Anywhere and Anytime

Support IOS, Android, PC multi-terminal full coverage, achieve the real situation where people can see each other as long as they want to; meet the standard SIP, H323 protocol hardware terminal, and seamless access to traditional device


Small Meeting Scenario

Meeting mode: Peer-to-peer meetings with fewer people, face-to-face training sessions, remote interviews, medical treatments and other temporary problem communication meetings. Meeting features: Flexible, anytime and anywhere, you can join the meeting whenever you need.

Medium Meeting Scenario

Meeting mode: departmental seminars, customer communication meetings and other meetings medium population size. Meeting features: A large number of meetings, frequent use, more PPT documents and other data sharing and discussion applications, existing needs for mobile applications.

Large Meeting Scenario

Meeting mode: Leadership meeting, group and plenary meeting Meeting features: high stability requirement, large space in the meeting room, needs for considering lighting effects and pickup range. The beauty of the meeting place needs to be considered too; no excessive cables, high-end experience.