Security Consulting Service

JD Cloud Security Consulting Service is an all-dimensional security service provided by JD Cloud security experts for users in combination with specific customer scenarios. Therefore, reduction of a high safe operation cost, outputting of professional security technology personnel and provision of mature solutions are achieved for users.


E-commerce Industry
JD Cloud security experts, having a deep understanding of building the e-business security system, endeavor to offer the security consulting service to users.
Security Compliance
The JD Cloud security group has experienced internal auditing staff authenticated as CISA, and provides users with effective security consulting service.
License Application
JD Cloud security experts have JD get licenses to engage in mobile communications resale, pharmacy retail and other industries. They are experienced in applying for business licenses and providing users with useful reference and guidance.


Security Compliance

Consultation about Compliance Audit

The service of consultation about compliance audit provides the users with the consultation about internal control audit, financial audit and special audit, such as SOX compliance audit, annual financial report audit and other audit services.

Consultation about Compliance Inspection

The service of consultation about compliance inspection provides the users with the consultation service about the periodic inspections by industrial competent department, such as inspection of network security protection, inspection of key information infrastructure, self and annual inspection of information system grade protection as well as ISO27000 annual inspection.

Consultation about License Application

The service of consultation about license application provides the users with the application for industry licenses, such as application for mobile resale licenses and medicine retail licenses.

Security Technology

Vulnerability Management

The users are provided with the vulnerability report detected by the Virtual Machines scanning and Web application scanning among JD Cloud Security products, and the technical solution is provided.

Consultation about Security Technology

It is targeted at the all-dimensional service of consultation about security technology with regards to servers, network, business, system establishment, etc. The users are provided with a series of outputs of security capabilities including windows/linux server security baselines, HTTPS reconstruction, network architecture security, security development specifications for web vulnerabilities, security training, SDL process establishment, etc.

Specification for Safe Development

In the application development stage, the users are provided with the specification and guidance about security technology, and assisted in eliminating possible security risks in the development stage, for guaranteeing the business security.


User JD Cloud Onboarding Basic Services

Before the new business is launched, it is vulnerable to various types of network attacks from the Internet and the risk of data leakage. Therefore, when users migrate their business to JD Cloud, from the perspective of security, it is necessary to conduct comprehensive security assessment and test services before the business is launched. JD Cloud can provide users with comprehensive basic security services such as baseline test, vulnerability scanning, and penetration test to improve users' security protection capability. Provide rapid emergency response services when users are threatened to invade, protect user business and data security to the maximum and reduce user losses.