Selfie Segmentation

Divide portrait regions in the selfie: Rapidly extract the human profile in the selfie and separate the same from the background

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Rapid Speed
Relying on leading technology of JD, the hundred-millisecond-level response speed can be achieved
Stable Performance
Through large-scale business scenario verification, stable and reliable performance can be achieved
Rich Applicable Scenarios
The portrait can be rapidly segmented under different illuminations and scenarios


Face Detection

Detect faces in images

Detect faces in images uploaded by users

Portrait Separation

Separate portraits from images

Separate portraits from backgrounds of images


Image Synthesis

With Image Synthesis, selfie can be rapidly recognized, segmented and stitched to a different scenario, realizing scenario switch and making the scenario more vivid and fuller

Beauty Camera

The beauty camera can recognize selfie, beautify photos according to different styles and make life more interesting

Special Image Effect

With Special Image Effect, various preset special background effects and paster props can be conveniently added, providing and diversifying entertainment experiences