Snap Shop

Shoot and recognize objects in photos and return the same or similar commodity information from JD Mall, greatly improving searching speed and accuracy and increasing shooting and shopping enjoyment

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Support to Diversified Types
Relying on real data of different on-line and off-line retail scenarios of JD and by using the leading AI algorithm technology of the industry, it can supports tens of major types and thousands of categories such as home appliance, digital products, food, beverage, personal care products, cosmetics, suitcases, bags, accessories, shoes, boots, jackets and others
Accurate and Reliable
Through hundreds of millions of calling business verifications of JD Mall and third-party partner manufacturers, it achieves stability, reliability and precise recognition
Multi-scenario Application
It can meet demands for commodity recognition under e-commerce scenario and also support camera module of mobile terminal manufacturer. With Snap Shop, the user’s shopping enjoyment is increased


Commodity Detection

Detect commodities in images

Detect commodities in images uploaded by users

Commodity Retrieval

Retrieve commodities in images

Daily images uploaded by users, containing objects, will be processed by the background server and a list of commodity with the same visual effect similar to that of the uploaded images will be returned by JD Mall


E-commerce Scenario

By calling Snap Shop, the same or similar commodities can be recognized from the commodity base and corresponding commodity information can be returned

Mobile Terminal

By shooting the commodity with the camera, the commodity can be recognized and corresponding commodity information can be returned

Other Scenarios

For other objects involved in shooting and photo recognition, the same or similar commodity information scenario of JD Mall will be returned