Specific Subject Face Recognition

Based on the leading deep learning technology in the industry, sensitive persons or specific person in images can be precisely recognized with rapid speed and high efficiency, greatly saving human cost and avoiding relevant risks

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Diversified Characters
Tens of politically-sensitive persons can be recognized or customized persons can be recognized, helping e-commerce platforms, BBS, UGC, IM and other product scenarios to avoid relevant risks
Mature and Stable Performance
Through billion-level callings per day to JD Mall’s own businesses, its performance is stable and reliable
High Accuracy
As shown by hundreds of millions of calling business verifications of JD Mall and third-party partner manufacturers, API is stable and reliable, with recognition accuracy greater than 99%


Face Detection

Detect faces in images

Detection and Analysis can be made to all faces in uploaded images

Person Recognition

Recognize designated persons in images

Judge if the person is a special one to be audited. To avoid risks, a special character photo base shall be additionally customized according to customers’ demands, with indefinite number of person


Content Audit

Because the e-commerce and news applications contain a large number of politically-sensitive images, there is a supervision risk for applications. However, the politically-sensitive character recognition of JD can automatically determine if such images contain relevant violating information, greatly lowering human cost and reducing business violating risks

Character Categorization

Recognition and categorization can be made to specific persons, and acts such as dimming, sheltering and other can be made according to business scenarios

Other Scenarios

In other scenarios involving recognition of politically-sensitive scenarios, it can assist rapid recognition to designated politically-sensitive characters