Stream Compute

Stream Compute is a real-time data processing and analysis platform in the big data scenario. It supports users to write data processing jobs in SQL mode, reduces the threshold of stream development, and helps users quickly build stream processing applications.

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Delay in Seconds
It processes the delay generated by the stream to reach the second level, enabling real-time analysis.
Complete Hosting
The online development platform of complete hosting runs the stream processing application automatically without any infrastructure.
Auto Scaling
The computing capability can automatically expand or reduce the resources required by running the stream processing application based on jobs.
Simple and User-friendly
The SQL mode can be used to develop the stream processing job and the learning threshold is low.


Real-time Computing

Real-time data cleaning, statistical summarization, and data analysis

Provide an interactive SQL editor that supports debugging and optimization of scripts to quickly build complex stream processing applications.

Automatic Integration

Seamless integration of stream data center and Data Compute

With the automatically-integrated stream data center as an input stream, the processing results are sent to the Data Compute for persistence.

Auto Scaling

Customized Jobs and Computing Cluster Auto Scaling

Match data throughput according to jobs, and automatically expand or reduce resources required for running stream processing applications.


Real-time data analysis

Traditional data warehouse solutions are based on off-line batch acquisition and analysis, and thus cannot achieve real-time data analysis. Based on Stream Compute, it can conveniently collect and analyze various streams in a real-time manner, and then in combination with BI report and other components, it can quickly build a real-time stream analysis application.

Internet of Things

Reception, conversion, integration and filtration of stream data from sensors, intelligent terminals and other IoT devices that enable streaming processing of millions of messages per second.