Stream Hub

Stream Hub is a scalable, distributed, high-throughput message service in the big data scenario, providing low-delay messaging and subscription features to help users quickly build stream analysis and application.

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Auto Scaling
It can adjust its message service processing capacity flexibly and rapidly according to business scale.
Easy Access
Several methods are provided to access data quickly, for example, Restful API/SDK/Agent.
Easy Integration
The users can quickly build the real-time analysis application through integration with stream compute.
Auto Archiving
The data archiving feature is provided to automatically store streaming data in cloud storage and data warehouse.


Access of Data

Multiple data access methods to meet the demands for different scenarios

Support API, SDK, Agent, Syslog and other data access modes, and customize the mode for enabling the theme service.

Auto Scaling

Support dynamic scaling of data stream throughput for on-demand use

Provide single-topic level Shard partitioning and Shard merging features to adjust the topic message concurrent processing capability as needed.

Data Archiving

Customize stream archiving policy for real-time archiving

Provide data archiving feature to automatically store streaming data to cloud storage or data warehouse according to customized archiving policies.


Real-time Data Integration

Stream Hub can be utilized for continuous collection and storage of stream in different types.

Real-time IoT analysis

Obtain related data of IoT devices in real time through Stream Hub, connect stream data onto Steam Compute or customized real-time analysis application, so as to perform different services, such as real-time analysis, operation monitoring and fault forecasting.