Text to Speech

Provide Text to Speech Service with high naturalness, emotional coloring and personality, including text-to-speech and speech-to-speech services. Equip the smart machine with a ready tongue and make it speak

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Type and Speak
Achieve the effect of making the machine speak in real time by synthesizing it in the on-line cloud Text to Speech engine
Natural Effect
Support Chinese or English letter synthesis and can adjust speed and volume according to the business Close to the reading level of an ordinary person
Personalized Speech Customization
Submit linguistic data of the personalized speaker and the machine can imitate the speech of this speaker


Natural-sounding Reading

Text to Speech

It can realize Type and Speak with high naturalness, having an effect close to the reading level of an ordinary person, and provide emotional and personalized Text to Speech Service

Personalized Customization

Support user customized synthesis

Customize the personalized synthesis voice according to the audio data submitted by the user


Intelligent Customer Service Answering

Intelligent Customer Service Answering Through Text to Speech, the Customer Service robot answers the user's questions with voice

Notification Broadcast

Notification Broadcast carries out voice broadcast and broadcast notification through Text to Speech

Intelligent Outbound Call

Intelligent Outbound Call The synthesized voice informs users of important information through outbound calls, e.g. inform users of delay in logistics, abnormal account, etc.