Video on Demand

Video on Demand Service is a one-stop Video on Demand Service that is developed as an integration of video upload, media assets management, video processing, delivery, play and other functions based on powerful infrastructure services of JD Cloud, which can meet the whole process of business scenarios of e-commerce, education, pan-entertainment, video website.

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Quick Access
It provides upload, management, delivery one-stop service. With multiple access methods such as console and open API and assistance of specially-assigned persons, it can reduce development connection cost
Professional Ability
Support multiple files, formats and functions, including common file formats, encoding formats, and provide video Jingxiang Super Definition transcoding, speed transcoding, comfortable audio, snapshot, watermark and other functions
Security and Reliability
Anti-leech, play authentication and multiple other security play mechanisms are supported, which fully ensues the security of video content and play
Delivery with Topspeed
With typical SDK access of iOS and Android player and link optimization, it provides rapid, stable, smooth and brand new video experience
24h Specialist Customer Service
A 7*24-hour expert customer service is provided to help customers to deal with problems and safeguard continuous services
Intelligent and Flexible
Support customer customized transcoding, watermark and other templates, configure workflow combination on demand to meet customer needs in various business scenarios


Video Upload

Support Multi-file and Multi-format

Both input of most main stream encoding formats and files formats in application, and output of encoding formats of H.264 and H.265 and multiple files formats of MP4 and FLV are supported

Multi-method Upload

Support console, API, SDK and other upload multi-method, and breakpoint resume to meet customer needs in various business scenarios

Media Assets Management

Video Category

Category type can be customized, such as variety, sports and entertainment, which can apply multi-category to videos so as to better manage video files

Video Tag

Customized tag type is available for tag management to videos, so that videos can be found and recommended faster

Video Search

Category, tag, status filter, multi-dimension search are supported for uploaded video files, so as to be convenient for search management

Video Cover

Support to automatically capture or customize image upload as cover, which can display video files in a clearer and more beautiful way

Video Description

Video contents and relevant information can be described in detail, which can identify video contents in a more accurate way

Video Preview

Different finished product formats of videos can be previewed, so that video processing effect can be viewed

Video Processing

Customized Transcoding

Customized transcoding template is supported, which each source video can designate one or more transcoding template to output different transcoding contents

Watermark Superimposing

Watermark with PNG format can be superimposed at any location, being used as video station caption, corner mark and program identifier

Jingxiang Super Definition

With JD Cloud's special video encoding capability and optimization algorithm, it enables intelligent analysis and processing on the contents, scenarios and frames in videos to enjoy high definition while reducing the video code rate to effectively save bandwidth used and costs for customers

Speed Transcoding

Provide multiple transcoding capability, which can greatly shorten video transcoding time, to meet customers’ business scenarios for rapid production and rapid release of video contents

Comfortable Audio

Automatically analyze audio and dynamically adjust it when transcoding to make the program sound quality transition smoothly, increase the audiovisual comfort

Video Play

Multi-terminal Support

Provide mobile terminal typical player SDK of iOS and Android, meeting multi-terminal play needs of customers

Acceleration in Overall Network

Accelerate delivery in the whole network by selecting optimal nodes to ensure audiovisual effect of smooth, stability and low delay for customers

Data Statistics

Consumption Query

Support query by conditions on storage amount, bandwidth, traffic, transcoding duration and other consumption data to know the resource usage in time

Data Monitoring

Support query by different granularities on various indicators such as PV/UV, Status Code and Hit Ratio to know the business status in time

Play Security

Play Security

Support anti-leech, play authentication, ip blacklist and other functions to ensure the security of play contents


Video Website

Provide multiple file supported formats, highly transcoding efficiency, configurable customized transcoding templates to meet the requirements of handling large amount of video files and multi-terminal play for video web service users.

Online Education

By providing functions of video watermark, video encryption, play authentication, and anti-leech meet the requirements in terms of courseware video copyright, content security for online education users.

Broadcasting and TV Media

Provide functions of video category, tag, station caption superimposing, and audio volume control to meet the requirements of video media assets management, copyright, and unified audio for broadcasting and TV media professional customers.