Forrester China's Cloud Computing Evaluation

JD Cloud Makes the Fastest Progress by Its Excellent Performance

The report shows that JD Cloud has shown a rapid growth trend in the cloud computing market in recent years. Forrester conducted a professional evaluation of JD Cloud in terms of product capabilities, strategic layout, market performance, etc. It is worth mentioning that in the strategic layout, JD Cloud scored close to full scores, and also received good praise in product capabilities and market performance.

Forrester pointed out in the report that JD Cloud was given the “challenger” status of the cloud computing industry in the fourth quarter of 2016, and 18 months later, it was listed in the forefront of cloud service vendors and became the “excellent performer” of China's public cloud platform. In the past one and a half years, JD Cloud has enhanced its cloud computing general functions and provided user-friendly features including machine learning workbench tool and high availability clusters to address local, regional and geographical massive demands. In addition, JD Cloud has utilized its retail partner resources to rapidly expand its cloud ecosystem. Relying on JD Group's long-term business practices and technological precipitation in cloud computing, big data, Internet of Things and mobile Internet applications, JD Cloud provides users with full-stack, full-spectrum and full-scenes cloud computing services. Specifically, the full-stack services include IaaS, PaaS and SaaS; the full-spectrum services include IDC, cloud computing and integrated business; and the full services include public cloud, private cloud , and dedicated cloud and multicloud.