Industrial Cloud Access

Assist enterprises to develop products and markets and realize digital transformation for enterprises by based on the innovative theory of "System Cloud Access, Business Launch and Product Launch in JD."

Scheme Specification

  • System Cloud Access

    Provide basic cloud resources and perfect guarantee service for enterprises’ system

    • Cloud Services, Including Virtual Machines, Cloud Database, Cloud Networking, Cloud Security, etc.
    • Guarantee Safe, Stable and Reliable Operation of System
    • Provide End-to-end Technical Support Service
  • Business Launch

    Transfer Traditional Off-line system Business to On-line Operation and Management

    • Applications including Collaborative Office, Enterprise Management and Operation Management
    • Quick deployment, Security, Easy to Use, Zero Maintenance Cost
  • Product Launch in JD

    Select quality products, launch in JD and promote market sales volume.

    • Green Channel Service for Up-going JD
    • Create a one-stop advertisement solution with 150 medias
    • Replacing Distributive Channels for All On-line and Off-line Channels
  • Intelligent Transformation

    Assist enterprise to realize intelligent application and innovation by using artificial intelligence and Internet of Things.

    • Multiple Service Contents including Shopping, Map and Weather Broadcasting
    • AI technologies such as Speech Recognition and Image Recognition
    • Multi-scenario and Multi-terminal Capacity Output

Solution Architecture

Comprehensive Solution for Enterprise Cloud Access

The comprehensive solution for Enterprise Cloud Access is based on various deployment scenarios as public cloud, private cloud and multicloud and supported by powerful data center capacities of JD Cloud, providing infrastructure service, big data service, platform service and SaaS application services. With the core concepts of System Cloud Access, Business Launch and Product Launch in JD, more scenario application services and comprehensive industrial solutions are constructed in combination with functional empowerment of the group and ecological partners.

Typical Scenario

Textile Manufacturing

Typical Scenario: When the enterprise’s business and development are spread across the state and the market has more individualization trends, transformation is urgent to copy with market demands and challenge of changes. The on-line channels are developed with benefits of Internet, more user scenarios re analyzed with big data value and production is adjusted.

Solution: Create on-line mall business and individual custom system for enterprises and enrich the new on-line multi-channel sales mode. Precisely localize user profiling, predict market and consumption demands in advance, collect market feedback, and realize reverse customization for products and intelligent production by using big data benefits.

Logistics Distribution

Typical Scenario: In accordance with shortages of the logistics industry, integrate service contents of the industry, standardize service quality, reduce transportation cost for enterprises and improve freight service efficiency and quality.

Solution: Set up an integrated logistics service platform, with core functions as vehicle management, dynamic vehicle information supervision and statistics, dynamic vehicle security warning, freight information release and goods localization. Build a multi-layer and multi-type logistics distribution format and realize the innovation mode of Internet + Logistics in combination with the distribution center.

Education and training

Typical Scenario: Implement unified management and desktop teaching, deploy and maintain applications and software as a whole, track and manage after-class effect and teaching contents for enterprise training and training of educational institutions, colleges and campus.

Solution: Apply synchronized coaching and unified track, test and examination, and guarantee teaching quality and effect through unified deployment and teaching application of JD WorkSpaces, complete encapsulating management and combination with enterprise internal training/learning platform. The live real-time course can be realized by combining with the on-line live video system, making your teaching more flexible and diversified.

Enterprise Office Management

Typical Scenario: For common working and management demand of enterprises, it needs to solve the problems of complex deployment, and uncontrollable cost caused by license purchase for traditional software, hardware capital investment, and future software maintenance and upgrade.

Solution: JD Cloud provides SaaS products related to office, operation and management of enterprises, including Corporation Mailbox, Enterprise Cloud Box, Cloud OA, Cloud ERP and E-invoice. Such products can be bought on demand and rapidly deployed without a high quantity of software and hardware investment, improving enterprise working efficiency and reducing overall cost of enterprise.


  • Technical Empowerment

    Use BD and AI technology, find out market demands, drive innovative development of enterprise’s products and re-construct new production mode for enterprises.

  • Market Empowerment

    Assist launch of quality products of enterprise in JD, realize precise access to on-line and off-line full-channel markets and assist market value multiplication of enterprises.

  • “Group + Ecological” Empowerment

    Unite powers of the Group and its ecological partners, and build multiple-business application scenarios and comprehensive industrial solutions.

  • Prime Service Support

    End-to-end Technical Support Service, Covering from System Investigation to Migration to Cloud, Full Process Track And Protection, Guarantee Easy On-cloud Transformation by Enterprises.