JD Cloud Smart Marketing

Based on JD’s leading big data technology, any brand is assisted to realize automatic and precise marketing tools for the whole process during its operation in JD Mall, realize visual marketing launch action process, send back overall marketing effect and facilitate review and optimization.


  • Precise Group Selection

    About 100 group tags cover the tag system of JD’s all groups, so that group intentions for shops can be overall identified at different dimensions and merchants are assistance is given to merchants when they make visual and precise target marketing group selection.

  • Intelligent Marketing Engine

    The flexible and easy-to-use SFA intelligent marketing engine is absolutely applicable for diversified marketing scenarios, can easily cope with complicated logical operations and helps merchants easily process various marketing demands.

  • Effect Data Feedback

    Give diversified overall effect data feedback, directly feed back marketing effect data of each group package and help merchants have an overall view on activity effects.

  • Marketing Group Aggregation

    Marketing node group packages can be saved and used for a next marketing, to deeply dig out high-value marketing groups and aggregating marketing effect data.

Main Services

Group Selection

Typical Scenario: Private domain filtering: Dig out repurchase intension of customer group of store Convert shopping cart: Precisely identify user’s behaviors of adding to cart and browsing, improving shopping cart conversion efficiency Guide type/cross-type new customer: Dig out potential users of public domain store, make precise promotion and improve new customer guide efficiency.

Digital marketing

Typical Scenario: Canvas setup: Set up drag type customized marketing canvases which are suitable for various marketing scenarios SMS launch: Launch SMS to selected groups, in which the launch channels can be customized, SMS templates can be created, and the SMS launch time can be pre-set Marketing effect evaluation: Send Internet launch effect data back, support search of launch and effect data per group package.