Intelligent IDC Security Solution

Under JD Cloud Intelligent IDC Scenario, it can provide cabinet service of users in IDC Data Center with multidimensional, multi-level overall security solutions.


  • Network Security Threats

    DDoS attacks have become common security threats. Mass-traffic and high-frequency DDoS attacks and CC attacks lead to interruption of users’ services and bring huge economic losses.

    • Frequent DDoS Attack
    • Malicious CC Attack
  • System Security Threats

    Exploitation of vulnerabilities in the server system leads to various kinds of security incidents at the system level.

    • System Vulnerabilities
    • VM Intrusion
  • Application Security Threats

    Common Web security threats will destroy the stability of user business system and bring enormous challenges to secure running of applications.

    • Website Back Door
    • Webpage Tampering
  • Data Security Threat

    IDC Data Center host and process large amounts of high-value data. Once data are stolen, revealed or tampered, there will not only bring giant economic losses but also law risks.

    • Data Leak
    • Data Theft
    • Data Tampering


Architecture Description

Based on secure and reliable infrastructure, it provides comprehensive security protection capability for the user cabinet services in intelligent IDC Data Center. JD Cloud can provide users with DDoS attack protection, Web application protection, situation awareness and other professional security products and a wealth of professional security services. Meanwhile, together with the industry’s best third-party security manufacturers, it can provide users with localized security solutions. Users can choose local DDoS and WAF protection in privatized deployment, and also can choose the Cloud Anti-DDoS Pro and Web security protection. In addition, JD Cloud provides users with innovative local protection + Cloud cleaning resource linkage scheme. When attack traffic exceeds local DDoS protection threshold, Cloud Anti-DDoS Pro is flexibly expanded for traffic cleaning and protection. Based on the security situation awareness of big data analysis, a unified security management is provided to build a common deep security protection system to provide users with complete and reliable solutions and professional operation and maintenance services to guarantee the business user security and data security of users.

Typical Scenario

Local Security Defense

Typical Scenario: To meet the regulatory compliance requirements of the government, financial industry and other industries, the core data of users are kept in JD Cloud Intelligent IDC Cabinet Service Data Center, and perfect security products and services are provided to users based on demands to ensure improvement of IDC security protection capability of user cabinet service.

Solution: JD Cloud provides local DDoS and WAF protection produces in privatized deployment to help users defend against various DDos attacks with large traffic such as SYN Flood and ICMP Flood from the network layer, and defend against Web attacks and CC attacks from the application layer. In addition, senior security experts of JD Cloud provide Baseline Check, Leakage Scanning, Penetration Test, Incident Response and other professional security services, and relying on complete ecological system of JD Cloud, fully ensure business and data security of user cabinet service in IDC Data Center.

Cloud Linkage Defense

Typical Scenario: The capability of solving traffic cleaning in local IDC Data Center is limited so that it is unable to cope with the scenario of sudden high volume attacks.

Solution: It provides users with local basic security detection and protection components. When attacked with large-scale traffic, lead the traffic to the Cloud, and provide DDoS attack traffic cleaning capacity up to TB level by the Cloud Anti-DDoS Pro, and link with the Cloud Web application firewall and situation awareness. JD Cloud provides rich security expert services to provide user business of Intelligent IDC Cabinet Service with comprehensive protection capabilities and unified security management, and save the off-line IDC security hardware investment while ensuring the user business security.


  • In Accordance with Compliance Supervision

    It passed the national security compliance examination, met the compliance supervision requirements of the government and the financial industry, and has the Trusted Cloud Service Certification, ITSS Cloud Computing Service Capability Standard Conformity Certification, Graded Information Security Protection Certification (Grade 3) and other security qualifications.

  • Deep Security Defense

    It provides a deep security defense system from physical level, network level, machine level, application level and data level for JD Cloud Intelligent IDC Scenario so as to guarantee business security and data security of users and offer diverse security value-added service options.

  • Security Expert Service

    JD Cloud’s team of experienced security experts will provide users with full life cycle security value-added service supports such as security physical assessment, reinforcement guidance and incident response.

  • Complete Ecosystem

    JD Cloud cooperates with the most excellent third-party security manufacturers in the industry to create the complete security ecosystem so as to implement an overall secure coverage of the cloud platform, network, system, data and application system.

Recommended Products

Anti-DDoS Protection Package

It is a product that improves anti-DDoS attack capability for users who deploy businesses in JD Cloud. It has the features that the configuration is simple, EIP is free from switching, the protection capability comes into force upon purchase, and the protection target can be flexibly replaced.

RMB 100/month (minimum)

Web Application Firewall

It is an application security protection product that conducts security and compliance protection for website or APP service. It identifies and processes malicious traffic through malicious feature extraction and big data behavior analysis to improve the security and reliability of Web site and protect the core business and data security of the website.

RMB 336/month (minimum)

Situation Awareness

Through data modeling, behavior learning and intelligence correlation analysis, JD Cloud's big data security analysis products can fully monitor the security, discover intrusions and attack threats, and help customers build their own security monitoring and defense systems. By making rapid and automatic association analysis to multi-dimensional and massive security and business data, the overall security situation of threats and exceptions are provided to the user with the graphic and visual technology.

RMB 150/set/month