App Deployment on Cloud

JD Cloud provides professional services integrating migration process, method, tool and expert team, and helps you migrate the current workload to the cloud and easily complete App deployment on cloud.

Business Challenge

  • Complicated Business Scenarios

    The scenarios are complicated with numerous processes: the complicacy of hardware devices, software system and business system leads to the complicacy of JD Cloud Onboarding

    • Servers, storages, switches and other hardware devices of numerous brands and models
    • Operating systems, virtual software, business APP and other software systems of various versions
    • Business system with complicated association and difficult to organize
  • Long Business Interruption Time

    Continuous provision of service is vital to users. If there is no thorough migration plan and customized migration path, migration is very likely to lead to interruption of current business, affecting user experience

    • There is no thorough migration plan prepared in advance
    • There is no customized migration path
    • Due to lack of plan and advance preparation, problems arising during migration result in business interruption
  • Data Consistency Difficult to Guarantee

    Guaranteeing the consistency between source end and target end data is a key challenge

    • “0” loss of business data is the basic premise of migration
    • Incremental data generating from migration need to be effectively identified
    • Incremental data generating from migration need to be continuously synchronized
  • Long Migration Period

    Restricted by large business data bulk, small available bandwidth, low bandwidth utilization ratio and current migration scenario instrumentalization coverage, the JD Cloud Onboarding period of business is long

    • There is a huge amount of business historic data bulk
    • The transmission bandwidth for migration is small and the bandwidth utilization ratio is low
    • The current migration scenario instrumentalization coverage is low


Easy Operation and Rapid JD Cloud Onboarding

Typical Scenario: As the most fundamental system service of enterprises, applications such as ERP, OA and CRM will definitely evolve into the informationalized infrastructures of enterprises as Internet, cloud computing, big data and other new-generation technologies develop. Transformation to cloud has become an irreversible trend. JD Cloud Enterprise Assistant provides flexible, convenient and low-cost JD Cloud Onboarding solutions for applications to enterprise customers, assisting small and medium-sized enterprises in greatly reducing IT construction, operation and maintenance costs and in realizing informationalized cloud transformation of enterprises.


  • Security

    It is equipped with professional monitoring and disaster recovery function, and can improve the security assurance level of customer system

  • Comprehensive

    With building once, you can complete the nationwide deployment and realize comprehensive coverage

  • Rapid

    Minute-level release makes you faster and save weeks or even months of time

  • Elastic

    Cloud resources can be configured based on demands and support flexible expansion, meeting different demands of business peaks and valleys

  • Simple

    Scenario operation provides different configuration settings based on different scenarios and reduces the technical threshold of CodeDeploy

  • Convenience

    User’s operation is simple, no complicated parameters need to be set separately, and JD Cloud Onboarding can be realized easily

  • Integration

    Open API is provided with open management, which conveniently integrates other cloud service resources

  • Hosted

    Fully hosted service allows customers getting rid of additional input such as application operation and maintenance, upgrade as well as disaster recovery, and being devoted to the main business

Solution Architecture

System and Application Migration

It meets business function and realizes security and high availability. It helps you plan and perform various cloud migration schemes, automatically completes the purchase and enabling of cloud resources, easily realizes JD Cloud Onboarding of the entire business system without interruption.