JD-AR Mirror

The vivid and visual AR Mirror helps consumers make purchase decisions in a quick manner and assists shops in accurate marketing based on big data analysis and on-line and off-line customer flow guide.

Plan Advantages

  • Developing Customers and Guiding Customer Flow

    The vivid and visual AR Mirror, in conjunction with multiple digital marketing and on-line and off-line customer flow guide plans such as red packets & coupons activity, will attract customers’ attention and efficiently increase the store's customer flow.

  • On-line and Off-line Synchronization

    On-line and off-line SKU synchronization. Customers can obtain equal chance of selection in off-line stores and an accurate user profiling can be formed based on JD's big data analysis to push sales activities.

  • Facilitating Transactions

    Improve user stickiness and help customers quickly make purchase decisions by way of makeup matching and game interaction and increase sales conversion through JD retail payment technology.

  • Store Digitization Management

    JD digital signage provides precise intelligent marketing guide for shops and decision-making basis for enterprises to help merchants improve the store digital management.


Core Functions

Virtual Mirror

Typical Scenario: Almost real virtual mirror experience, the most complete categories of makeup products on the market, the best interaction and customer flow guide method

Solution: With AR dynamical mirror, the makeup is movable with the head. Lipstick, rouge, eyebrow pencil, contact lens, eye shadow, eyeliner, foundation and eye black are available. Functions such as beauty, enlarge, face-lift and exposure adjustment are supported. You may share virtual pictures by scanning QR code through WeChat.

Management Background

Typical Scenario: Simple and easy-to-use commodity configuration for Management Background; brand, store and commodity configuration and user account management functions

Solution: It remotely configures devices and normatively displays them in each store, implements on-sales and sold-out control at any time, analyzes key data such as device use and transformation rate in each store and provides configuration tools for commodity colors and effects in AR Mirror.

Data Analysis

Typical Scenario: The operational data of mirror helps brands adjust off-line marketing strategy and selection based on data analysis in order to increase flow guide and conversion

Solution: People using mirror in a certain period of time can be searched. The average use time of each user without restriction of categories can be summed up based on face recognition; corresponding order conversion funnels can be generated based on ranking of mirror numbers of each user in a unit time and the access path clicked by a user; corresponding conversion funnels can be generated based on the picture sharing path of a user.

Centralized Control of Advertisements

Typical Scenario: Increase utilization rate of devices, display advertisements to attract users at idle hours, customize advertisement contents for different time and of different contents

Solution: Distribution and upgrade management of APP version, remote monitoring of devices and time switch; play-in-turn advertisement templates support image, video, text and PPT to display advertisements.

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