Cross-border E-commerce Solution

Support the mature cross-border e-commerce solution of the whole trade model and help enterprises to conduct cross-border businesses in a timely manner. The cross-border e-commerce solution integrates transaction services, customs clearance services, foreign trade services, financial services and logistics services. It provides comprehensive services such as on-line transactions, customs clearance, logistics, drawbacks, supply chain services and financial services while providing or connecting with public services.


  • One-off Solution to Cross-border Problems

    Customs, enterprise goods filing, three connection processes and logistics, payment supply chain company selection solve the problem of inefficient customs clearance and unsynchronized order information, and docking cumbersome resulting from non-uniform policies.

  • Mature Online Store System

    Connect customs to adapt to the needs of most cross-border projects; save the workload of development and customization to ensure the quick launch projects.

  • Adopt all trade models at the same time

    Common trade, direct mail, bonded stock and bonded collection are carried out at the same time. Different goods are subject to different customs clearance according to the trade modes.

  • Flexible Marketing Methods

    A variety of marketing methods are adopted to help enterprises do a good job in the marketing to attract new customers, retain existing ones and playing a good role in social marketing.

Typical Scenario

Bonded Stock

Typical Scenario: Cross-border e-commerce enterprises prepare goods and store those goods in the warehouse in advance, pack the goods in the warehouse after the platform users place their orders, push the relevant order information and the recipient's ID information to the customs for customs clearance, and then deliver the goods directly to the users.

Solution: Stocking in bonded area B2B2C, Stocking in bonded area B2C

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Cross-border Direct Mail

Typical Scenario: Assist enterprises to build a platform for Chinese consumers to buy foreign retail products, sold by overseas distributors to Chinese consumers.

Solution: Cross-border C2C

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Bonded Collection

Typical Scenario: Cross-border electrical e-commerce enterprises procure goods in foreign countries based on the order, and the collected goods are imported with unified packaging. At the bonded logistics center, the information of the goods will be pasted separately by logistics enterprises in accordance with consumer information. The goods will be declared by the customs declaration enterprise and checked and released by the customs and then distributed to the users.

Solution: Overseas direct mail C2C goods collection

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Business process of cross-border e-commerce


Overseas procurement


Bonded warehouse storage




Customs clearance and quick delivery in bonded area


Quality cross-border shopping

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