Citywide Dual Active Solution

It employs rich infrastructure resources to achieve citywide cross-Data Center deployment of the business system of the customer, construct the citywide active-active architecture, ensure the business continuity for the customer, and guarantee the safety and reliability of data.

Solution Architecture

Citywide Active-active Architecture

Main components and functions: 1. Frontend network: Access is diverted to two Tata Centers with the route policy; 2. DCI network: Active-active is achieved through VxLAN, and data are forwarded and communicated as demanded; 3. Application cluster: The corresponding application service cluster is deployed in the citywide active-active Data Center; 4. Data storage: Dual control and active-active of the data and storage systems are achieved at the citywide data center with the synchronous replication technology.

Product Composition

Technological Benefits

  • Enhanced Business Continuity

    The business automatically switches to the backup center seamlessly when a major fault occurs in the main center

  • Improved Utilization Rate of Backup Center

    The disaster recovery center deploys business to enhance the utilization rate of the backup center

  • Automatic Switch of Business as Demanded

    The backup center is automatically switched to in the case of a business fault, without affecting all the business

  • Maximum Optimization of Traffic Path

    Intelligent traffic scheduling leads to rapid and steady access to business.