AIDC Hosted Cloud Solutions

Provide the customer with the IDC infrastructure, network access and customized third party access as well as DevOps service, integrate JD Cloud’s rich product systems, and host private cloud for enterprises within JD Cloud IDC.

Features of Solutions

  • Infrastructure is provided by JD Cloud

    Rich and Reliable Basic Resources

    • IDC Data Center
    • Server (Customizable)
    • Network Device (Customizable)
  • The cloud platform deployment is customized by the customer

    The customer can voluntarily define independent deployment and JD deployment

    • Installation and Commissioning of Cloud Platform Software
    • Monitoring over Health of Various Components of Cloud Platform
  • Physical Security

    Exclusive space, physical isolation, and on-site security scheme customized by the user

    • Separate regions are divided in Data Center
    • Separate Cabinet Space
    • Monitoring door access can be customized
  • Professional Senior DevOps Service

    7×24h Professional DevOps Service

    • Full-time Operation and Maintenance Team
    • Customized Operation and Maintenance

Solution Architecture

AIDC Hosted Cloud Architecture

Based on JD’s rich infrastructure and network access resources, AIDC hosted cloud provides the customer with direct connection to third party public cloud solutions, which, moreover, can be combined into hybrid cloud solutions along with JD public cloud.

Solution Benefits

  • JD Cloud IDC has rich resources

    JD Cloud has sufficient IDC resources in the core region and thus can meet the user’s high standard and highly dense demands; JD Cloud has lots of low-cost IDC resources, and based on JD’s self-constructed backbone network benefit, the customer can host private cloud in low-cost regions, so satisfying network experience can be obtained while the customer’s cost input is reduced.

  • JD Cloud has strong research and development strength

    Software can be customized based on the user’s demands (connected to JD public cloud and third party public cloud); hardware can be customized based on the user’s demand.

  • Leading AI Technology

    AI efficiency management system; AI intelligent operation and maintenance robot.

  • Direct Connect

    Provide the stable, safe and quick network direct connection service.

Solution Product Composition