JD CrowdWise-Annotation of AI Data Collection

It focuses on the data service platform in the artificial intelligence field, and aims at providing the industry with leading data solutions


Full-process Data Annotation

The customer submits the original data and demand descriptions, while CrowdWise collects data or loses no time in customizing the development annotation tool and annotates data, with the data result delivered to the customer after check by professionals

Free Customized Development of Efficient Annotation Tool for Special Demands

Full-process Data Collection

Massive annotation and off-line group collection are carried out around the world based on the customer’s demand, rich high quality source data are offered to the customer, and designated personnel will check them for guaranteeing quality

One-stop Worldwide Data Collection for Scenarios of Multiple Types

Private Deployment

A data annotation platform with its own brands and functions such as demand management, autonomous creation of annotation tools, management of annotation tasks, personnel management, etc. is deployed for the customer in a local way

Data are not sent out of the customer environment for guaranteeing data security

Solution Benefits

  • High Quality

    The strict data review mechanism and multi-level quality inspection + user grading + risk control system ensures absolute security

  • Low Price

    The efficient vortex funnel annotation review process + professional annotation tool + professionals reduce a large amount of costs

  • Rapid Speed

    The efficient and easy-to-use annotation tool + pre-annotation scheme + a massive number of active users rapidly recover data

  • High Confidentiality

    Real-name Verification, risk control and monitoring and blacklist mechanism, triple guarantees protect data security

Application Scenarios

Automatic Driving

Typical Scenario: It collects the actual road conditions, provide training data sets such as high quality target object tracking, barrier monitoring, traffic light identification, lane line annotation and semantic division of road panoramas, enhance the identification accuracy rate of driving AI technology, and promote smart traffic construction

Intelligent Home

Typical Scenario: It collects various types of languages around the globe, carefully divides and transcribes speech, judges its attributes, improve the accuracy rate of automatic speech recognition and the data quality of text to speech, and make AI better understand sound.

Public Opinion Monitoring

Typical Scenario: It accurately judges semantics by key word extraction, text similarity judgment, semantics review and emotion judgment, efficiently monitor the user’s comments, articles, etc., timely obtain effective feedback.

OCR Application

Typical Scenario: It scans and identifies the text on ID cards, invoices, bank cards, license plate numbers, driving licenses, file and data, and covers the identification results at various angles, under various types of rays of light and of various definition, fully improving the identification accuracy rate.

Service Process


Demand Negotiation


Scheme Customization


Project Implementation


Result Delivery