• Government affairs basic resources service

    Virtual Machines,Virtual Storage and Auto Scaling
    , Auto Scaling, Monitoring, log
    and performance service

  • Government affairs industry platform

    Public resources trading service platform
    Collaborative office service platform
    Industry data decision support platform

  • Government affairs big data platform

    Industrial data analysis platform
    Industry management decision support platform
    Industrial data integration platform
    Industrial data trading platform

  • Big data application service

    Formulation of big data acquisition policy
    Modeling analysis of big data
    Development of big data platform
    Technology services of big data
    Financial services of big data

Overall structure


Industrial application


Traffic cloud
Information service platform for intelligent transportation Promote the establishment of multi-channel and multi-mode transportation information service system, release transportation information to the society in a timely manner, and solve problems such as poor transportation information.
Park cloud
Set up a government-enterprise service channel, and integrate all kinds of resources and services to build the ecosystem for the service of the park.
Tourism cloud
The intelligent tourism service platform realizes the aggregation and utilization of tourism data resources, converts the data resources into intelligent internet and mobile internet tourism products, so that the industrialization of tourism big data can be realized.
Energy cloud
The smart energy public service cloud platform implements real-time monitoring, visual management, data analysis, risk management, health diagnosis, promotion of energy efficiency, emission reduction, and low carbon management for energy production and consumption. Provide services for the full realization of the key objectives of “improving energy efficiency and reducing carbon emissions".
Education cloud
The intelligent education public resource service management platform adopts user orientation, integrates all kinds of high quality education resources at all levels, and provides stable cloud resource service for teaching public resource service and teaching management service.
Meteorological cloud
Meteorological cloud computing and cloud service platform jointly mine the deep value of massive meteorological data. Economic losses are reduced through the mining and analysis of meteorological big data, and defense measures are implemented before urban planning, construction and management so as to reduce the potential safety hazard to people's lives and property caused by climate change, especially the microclimate change in the development of large cities.
Media cloud
The media service platform provides one-stop extensive services such as " mass storage, efficient distribution, live video, top speed network and data analysis" and provides cloud services to various media organizations such as cultural entertainment, publishing industry, radio and television industry, and network media.
Industrial cloud
Supply and demand platform for manufacturing capability; capacity reconstruction platform for traditional enterprises; customization platform for innovative enterprises
Forestry cloud
Forestry resources management platform,forestry disaster warning platform,forestry industry management platform, forestry products e-commerce platform, forestry products silk road trading platform, wildlife resources supervision platform, etc.

Service systems


  • Standard service system

    Standard for base class
    Standard for technical class
    Standards for cloud computing and big data
    Safety standard
    Data opening and trading standards

  • Operational service system

    Characteristic design of operation mode
    Application of internet operation mode
    Big data service capabilities
    Operational service experience

  • Operation and maintenance system

    JD's own operation and maintenance knowledge base
    Self-developed operation and maintenance tools
    High availability under normal fault conditions

  • Security service system

    Multi-scenario security protection
    Self-developed safety products
    Security situation awareness
    Safety compliance

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