Data Cloud

Rely on the big data application technology and mass data analysis ability of JD Cloud, and facilitate industrial upgrade and smart city construction for users in the government, enterprises and other industries.

Scheme Specification

  • Big Data Infrastructure Services

    Provide collection, storage, computing and management functions for different types of data sources to enable big data services in offline/real-time and other different customer scenarios.

    • High-performance Database Transport
    • Security Management of Enterprise Level
    • Seamless Integration and Auto Scaling of System
    • Support Multiple Data Formats
  • Data Governance Service

    Provide data quality management service and metadata management service for big data platform.

    • High Reliability of Data
    • Metadata Management
  • Machine Learning Service

    A set of data services with high reliability and online auto scalability for centralized computing and mining of mass data.

    • Model Training
    • Data Mining
    • Prediction Analysis
    • Assistant Decision-making
  • Data Visualization Service

    Provide a general data visual capability component, allowing users to customize the report, dashboard, and data output through the operation interface.

    • High Usability of Tools
    • Multi-dimensional Data Model
    • Smooth Data Interaction
    • Diversified Visualization Effect

Solution Architecture

JD Cloud’s Big Data Solutions

JD Cloud relies on the big data application technology and data resources it has accumulated for 13 years, empowers users in the government, enterprises and other industries through the sharing and integration with urban big data, and facilitates industrial upgrade and smart city construction. JD Data Cloud provides services such as big data infrastructure services, data acquisition and management services, machine learning services and data visualization.

Typical Scenario

Big Data of E-commerce Big Data

Typical Scenario: Start from the consumer market side, analyze the consumer behavior of the user-specific consumer market, and help the government and enterprises understand the market development trend, brand/product sales market and consumer differentiation characteristics of specific industry markets.

Government Affairs Big Data

Typical Scenario: It solves difficult data exchange between departments, repeated collection of information, poor standardization and other problems, and realizes cross-departmental data exchange and business cooperation.

Tourism Big Data

Typical Scenario: Construct a tourist image to locate potential tourists through big data mining, and realize the accurate marketing and promotion of tourism products to the potential tourists.

Agriculture Big Data

Typical Scenario: Integrate the data resources of agriculture, rural areas, and rural residents, empower local agricultural production, agricultural product circulation and agricultural brand building, and achieve the cost saving and efficiency improvement in agricultural industry development.

Industry Big Data

Typical Scenario: Integrate the research & production and supply & marketing data in the industrial field, and provide big data support for the intelligent design, collaborative manufacturing, personalized customization, intelligent production and intelligent services of industrial enterprises


  • Mature Technology

    Big data platform has the big data processing capability of high flexibility, strong support and high efficiency

  • Strong Analysis Capacity

    It has the capabilities to quickly discover the laws from mass data, gain insight into the causes of change, and predict future changes

  • Rich Scenarios

    Help to provide innovative and upgrade services to the government, tourism, medical, agricultural, industrial and other industries

  • Ecology Completion

    JD Cloud has a complete product ecology system and relies on the entire industry chain ecological partner of the JX Plan.