AIDC Disaster Recovery Solutions

Based on JD Cloud’s rich data center and backbone network resources, support the disaster recovery of local data centers and the construction of business disaster recovery of different availability zones in different cities, ensuring business continuity and guaranteeing interests to the largest extent.

Solution Architecture

AIDC Disaster Recovery Solutions

1. As an extension of the high availability design of the production center, the local backup center supports the real-time synchronization, hot backup and active-active of data of important information systems, the rapid switchover between the single-system fault and regional disaster of important information systems as well as the long-term operation of the information system part; 2. the nonlocal disaster backup center supports the comprehensive and complete restoration of business, multi-active of individual systems as well as resource reuse and meets the development test and Class BI resource demands, and in case of a non-regional disaster, restoration of all business is guaranteed based on the business disaster restoration grade, and long-time running support is provided.

Solution Product Composition

Solution Benefits

  • Lower RTO

    Based on JD Cloud’s self-constructed backbone network benefit, RTO (recovery time objective) is lower.

  • High Performance-price Ratio

    JD Cloud has lots of distributed data centers. The address of nonlocal disaster recovery Data Center is flexible, and the disaster recovery DC can be located in a low-cost region to minimize the customer’s cost input.

  • RPO=0

    The business switches to the backup center to achieve zero data loss when the main center has a major fault.

  • Ensure the business continuity

    It is ensured that the system can be smoothly switched to the disaster recovery place to continually run, guaranteeing the interests to the largest extent.