Offline Advertising Intelligent Marketing of JD DOOH Alliance

It may integrate rich media resources in each channel to fully reach consumers of each offline scenario. Relying on JD big data and third-party data, it can provide advertisers with intelligent marketing solutions.

Service Benefits

Efficient, intelligent and accurate

JD DOOH Alliance takes data as driving force, empowers traditional outdoor advertising, and resolves advertisers' pain spots of difficult position selection, slow delivery, and difficult effect measurement. It has connected with various online media, marketing channels to implement one stop delivery online + offline. Major service benefits: Rich media resources in full channels have covered 220 cities and reached  210 million person-time; online-based efficient delivery empowers traditional outdoor advertising rapidly; data support position selection strategy, so that target population are accurately reached for preciously matching advertising positions for advertisers; trace consuming behaviors online after delivery, which allows advertising delivery to be based on evidences. The omnibearing service of JD DOOH Alliance enables offline advertising marketing to be efficient, intelligent and accurate.

Typical Scenarios

Business Area

Typical Scenario: There are totally 20,000+ screens nationwide, covering places of outdoor business area, catering industry, leisure and entertainment, high-grade office building and city complex, locating in transportation hub of big cities, commercial streets, upscale residences, office buildings, where are featured by huge traffic and people flow, high level of audience, strong consumption power, large number of audience population as permanent residents.

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Transportation and Travel

Typical Scenario: There are totally 20,000+ screens nationwide, covering places of nationwide passenger stations, air ports, metro, and urban roads, where are featured by low cost per thousand, dense target population, semi-closed loop marketing, and fast delivery effect with high conversion rate.

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Typical Scenario: There are totally 80,000+ screens nationwide, mainly covering core life circles such as high-grade office, resident, and commercial building, located in communities, with access control of underground parking lots, and access control of unit doors. These screens are necessary for houses where have exclusive and unique locations and for residents who must listen repeatedly, as a result, their subconscious minds are influenced to form long-term deep memories, resolving fragmentation problem at low cost

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Leisure and Entertainment

Typical Scenario: There are totally 6 million+ screens nationwide, covering places of night club KTVs, shopping entertainment, cinemas, and Internet bars, where are featured by target audiences with strong purpose, full coverage for population, effective improvement of influence of advertising contents on users and daily average exposure up to 20 million+ person-time.

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Platform Value

  • Vertical Integration of Industrial Value Chain

    It may integrate the whole industrial value chain of advertisers, media owners, advertising service providers, agents, and advertising creative plan so as to implement all businesses through cloud system.

  • Online-based Business

    Traditional outdoor offline deliveries such as position selection, trade settlement, material transfer, inventory balance and effect monitoring can be implemented online with JD DOOH Alliance.

  • Platform-based Data

    It may adopt unified data model to process offline advertising data of different industries to avoid the traditional problem that data islands are difficult to be interconnected brought by chimney application.

  • Business-based Data

    By continuous accumulation of dynamic business data and long-term operation of system, it can help advertisers achieve accurate delivery, effect analysis and online advertising secondary delivery.