Online Education and Training Solutions

Offer one-stop overall solutions for online education and training for government, academia, enterprises and training entities. Help customers to upgrade the new teaching model of "To learn anything at anytime from anywhere" and build a new education and training ecosystem based on Cloud Computing.

Business Panorama

  • Government and Public Institutions

    Provide customers with platforms for Internet learning, long-term training for leading cadres, and public education service

    • Internal training platform, facilitating the improvement of the professional and comprehensive abilities of personnel
    • Abundant resource libraries, helping users access professional information at anytime from anywhere
    • Online evaluation system, using big data for the multi-dimensional evaluation of learning outcomes
    • Public education platform, enabling the government to conveniently deliver educational information to the public
  • Training Entities

    Provide customers with "low-cost, high-stability, more convenient, and more powerful" online teaching platform, helping training entities rapidly expand online education business at low cost and double their profits

    • Instrument for marketing and admission, easily reaching thousands of students with an admission model based on social network
    • Exclusive multi-screen online school, quickly setting up a full terminal online school covering PCs, WeChat, and APPs
    • Instruments for on-demand and live teaching resources, easily giving lessons to large classes, small classes, and one-on-one classes
    • Online exam and assessment, making out questions intelligently, scoring automatically, and pushing personalized data based on big data
  • Colleges and Technical Secondary Schools

    Provide customers with a customized online learning platform. Realize the sharing and dissemination of high-quality teachers and curriculum resources; realize the seamless connection between graduates and employers through employment services; and meet the needs of graduates for job hunting.

    • Exclusive MOOC platform, enabling the sharing and dissemination of high-quality teachers and curriculum resources
    • Online teaching and research system, enabling teachers on and off campus to conduct teaching and research work conveniently
    • School-enterprise training platform, enterprises and schools jointly building practical training platform for the improvement of students’ competitiveness
    • Online recruitment fair, presenting graduates' comprehensive abilities in data to employers
  • Medium and Large Enterprises

    For medium and large enterprises (especially those with branches in many places), low-cost internal learning platform is built to improve professional skills and qualities of personnel. At the same time, enterprises can conduct remote after-sales training for customers, reducing cost dramatically.

    • Self-adapted learning platform for employees, constructing employee learning map, enabling adaptive learning, and assessing learning outcomes
    • Remote after-sales training platform, can be connected to the camera for remote training and technical guidance
    • Agent training platform, able to offering training to level 1 to level 3 agents at the same time and easily correcting the assignment

Typical Scenario and Scheme

Online Education

Typical Scenario: A training entity mainly conducts IT skill training business, due to limits brought by its geographical location and fierce competition, in recent years, the growth rate of revenue is low and the profit rate is plummeting. The entity is urgent to find new profit drivers.

Solution: Build a dedicated online school, carry out online training business, implement 2 parallel business lines, i.e. the on-line and off-line business; attract students from other cities to register and learn through online direct recruitment (including large classes, small classes, and online one-to-one classes), so as to significantly increase revenue and profit; supply offline students with online learning resources to further enhance learning and increase students’ competitiveness in employment market.

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Internal Training for Enterprises

Typical Scenario: Since the establishment of XX company 2 years ago, the number of its employees has expanded from the initial 10 to more than 200, and it opened nearly 10 offices across the country. With the rapid development of the business, the number of its employees will reach 300; in the past 3 years of rapid development, the shortcomings of the company's primary and middle-level managers and key employees have begun to emerge; at the same time, the contradiction of ordinary employees' own growth has begun to emerge, too, what should the company do to unify thinking and increase cohesion? The administration department feels it is very troublesome.

Solution: Establish a corporate university, introduce courses such as leadership, workplace etiquette, and professional skills; regularly organize all personnel to take on-demand and live courses; let ordinary employees and first-line managers feel their progress through practical actions, and quickly enhance the overall combat effectiveness of the team.

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MOOCs offered by Universities

Typical Scenario: A university is a well-known institute of water resources in China, and has more than 10 national-level quality courses. In order to better open the school's high-quality courses and teaching resources to more students, and to better promote the school brand, the university decided to build an open online learning platform.

Solution: Customize the exclusive MOOC platform; combine strict course selection and perfect class schedule with online exam, allow students to take on-demand or live courses, and ensure that they can successfully complete the learning tasks step by step and take the graduation test. Use the big data method to analyze the learning process, the examination process and the test results, establish multi-dimensional graduate portraits, and provide students with personalized learning aids to help them maximize their knowledge.

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Government Online School

Typical Scenario: The management committee of a prefecture-level economic and technological development zone implements the policy of improving the civil service team. In order to further enhance the ideological and political awareness of civil servants in the area, improve professional business capabilities, enhance comprehensive qualities, and cultivate outstanding public servants in the new era, it needs a convenient access to learning which allows large-scale participation, flexible organization, and one-click assessment of learning outcomes.

Solution: Based on the level of the development zone, set up an online learning platform for the civil servants; help them develop awareness of continuous learning, have fun in learning, and acquire knowledge through various methods, such as "selected courses, online learning, group discussion, assessment, and post-school experience".

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Park investment and financing

Typical Scenario: Typical scenario: A startup park is founded under the guidance of the municipal government, aiming to provide services for returning overseas students. How to better help entrepreneurs to connect with the capital market and improve the speed of enterprise development is a thorny operation issue faced by the park.

Solution: Build a "service platform for park investment and financing" which is related to the "Park Entrepreneurship Forum", so as to attract entrepreneurs and present the development of enterprises and core advantages on the one hand, and on the other hand, invite local and industry-renowned investment institutions to settle in the platform, helping startups grow faster through matching.

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  • Distributed Deployment

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  • Cost-effective

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    Relying on JD Group and partners from teaching industry, we can provide abundant course resources.

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