EMOP (Enterprise Mobile Develop Platform)

Based on technical accumulation in the mobile Internet and insisting on the cooperation philosophy of "open empowerment", JD Mall provides mobile research and development with one-stop and full-process solutions, helping enterprises build stable and reliable APP with low cost and high efficiency and assisting mobile transformation and upgrade of businesses.

Value Advantage

  • Technical Support of Full Life Cycle Service

    Include 5 major fields such as demand, development, test, operation and maintenance as well as operation and cover full life cycle of mobile research and development

  • Efficient and stable

    Withstand traffic tests of a hundred million level such as JD 618 Shopping Festival and 11.11 Shopping Festival and perfectly cope with scenarios of mass traffics and high concurrency

  • Flexible and Convenience

    With rich infrastructures and business components as well as flexible and convenient use after being taken out of box, it realizes rapid App set up in the brick pattern

  • JD Futuristic Technology

    Futuristic technology originated from JD Mall: Analyze crashes and precisely position crash code modules; make hot fix and rapidly solve on-line problems without releasing versions

Features of Core Products

  • Development Effect Raising

    Have 4 major development frameworks such as native, cross-end, H5 and mini program, provide mature, stable and powerful function and effectively improve development and cooperation efficiency

    • Native Development Framework
    • Cross-end Development Framework
    • H5 Development Framework
    • Mini Program Development Framework
  • Dev&Ops

    Open process barriers, eliminate cooperation obstacles and focus on continuous delivery of business value

    • Static Code Scanning
    • API Specification Management
    • Continuous Integration and Delivery
    • Application Release and Hot Fix
  • Performance Improvement

    Monitor performance indicator in real time, timely alarm abnormal data, quickly and precise locate problems, reinforce APP stability and promote user experiences

    • API Gateway
    • Performance Monitoring
    • Crash Analysis
  • Intelligent Operation

    Based on automation and big data, it realizes precise marketing and user interaction, effectively reducing operation cost and promoting user vitality and conversion rate

    • Message Push
    • Video Play
    • User Feedback
    • Intelligent Customer Service

Typical Application Scenarios

Brand New APP Development

Typical Scenario: In the traditional mode, development of APP from zero to one will consume a large number of resources and time; the APP development kit comprises mature development frameworks which have been proved by one hundred million of users, rich multi-scenario infrastructure and business components covering finance and e-commerce. With this kit, high-quality APPs can be rapidly built in 1 day.

Solution: Native/H5 Development Solutions + Application Release

APP Continuous Delivery

Typical Scenario: In the traditional mode, the client development period is long, the team coordination cost is high and the version update and release speed is low; by adopting the modular development mode and auxiliary means, multi-team development and coordination efficiency is improved; by realizing application construction, security scanning reinforcement, application release and other processes, continuous construction and delivery is realized and version delivery efficiency and quality is continuously improved.

Solution: API Management + Code Scanning + Continuous Integration + Application Release

Cross-platform Development

Typical Scenario: In the traditional mode, it needs to set up several research and development teams such as Android, iOS, Web and Mini Program, thus requiring huge resource investment; with the cross-end development solutions, multiple APP businesses can be multiplexed in the enterprise and the two-way APP and WeChat ecology is created with double engines, RN and Flutter, and the two-way switch engine of mini program.

Solution: Cross-end Development Solutions + Performance Monitoring

On-line bug Repair

Typical Scenario: Where the on-line bug of App needs to be fixed up in emergency in the traditional mode, the package needs to be replaced and the version needs to be released again, such process is fussy and time-consumed; the mobile hot fix service is adopted to release the service pack at any time. By making differential comparison between the fix package and benchmark package, the service pack is automatically distributed to the client, and users are not aware of such process.

Solution: Hot Fix + Cloud Configuration

Platform Architecture

Architecture Description

Originated from the best practices of research and development of "Mobile JD" APP, on condition that multi-business closed loop is realized, it solves problems such as cost, quality, efficiency and standard, helps APP research and development personnel of different teams to improve quality and save cost.

Product Recommendation

Crash Analysis System

1. Monitor APP crash information in real time and precisely position crash problem modules; 2. Support customized configuration of monitoring indicators and timely give an alarm of emergency crash; 3. Support intelligent BUG distribution problem and automatically associate relevant responsible developers; 4. Support monitoring user-customized exceptions and flexibly export abnormal monitoring data;

Performance Monitoring System

1. Monitor and acquire data of several schemes and support exception alarm and report output; 2. Flexibly control data report from dimensions such as versions, Categories, networks and regions; 3. Developers can freely select subscription monitoring data and customize data analysis; 4. Make performance data trend analysis and comprehensively position performance problems for on-line users;

Application Release System

1. Provide integrated service and support for release stage of mobile APP installation package; 2. Make deep customization based on official Test Flight schemes, reaching stability and reliability; 3. Support application greyscale distribution of multiple policies and common/forced upgrade functions; 4. Timely synchronize data information and search data situation of upgraded users in real time;

Cooperation Case

  • JD Pingou

    Social Pingou E-commerce Platform Under JD

    JD Pingou

    Cooperation scheme: Based on the development framework and kit provided by the native solutions, capacities of supporting frameworks such as Webview and OpenApp, as well as more than 10 native components such as login and share are used. During the product research and development, accumulatively 364 man days are saved, and the release of Pingou App from zero to one is realized within 2 months.

  • JD Vanguard

    Mobile Terminal Management Tools Toward Off-line Stores

    JD Vanguard

    Cooperation scheme: For business scenarios and actual demands for off-line stores, by accessing gold e-commerce process, it rapidly realizes changes from embedded H5 page of JD Mall to native access and business integration; meanwhile, by accessing mature basic components and business components, it greatly improves business demand and response efficiency.

  • Sam's Club

    High-end Membership Shop Under Wal-Mart

    Sam's Club

    Cooperation scheme: Optimize and upgrade Sam App with basic components: replace original components such as RichScan and message push, reinforce business stability and high availability; access crash analysis, performance monitoring, etc., complete code framework upgrade and continuously optimize user experiences.

  • Accurate Health

    Create one-stop life style of "Health Management + Healthy Shopping"

    Accurate Health

    Cooperation scheme: Referring to implementation experiences of Pingou APP scheme, with native framework and component capacity provided by the development kit, component migration can be rapidly completed with 1 man day only and the overall research and development personnel investment can be decreased from 260 man days to 32.5 man days, improving efficiency by 85%.