JD Cloud E-store

Store opening and commodity selling tool provides enterprises and start-ups with the one-stop decentralized social e-commerce SaaS service and realizes precise match between persons and commodities under different scenarios (social group, live broadcasting, content and community).


  • Mobile Store Opening Tool

    Register in 10 seconds and open a store free; one-click forward and rapid promotion; simple, user-friendly and profitable

  • Support by JD, Massive Commodity Supply

    Connect to massive high-quality JD commodities; provide rebates to JD commodities; adopt automatic settlement and wait for getting money; restock is not required and there is no cost

  • Omni-channel Reach of WeChat Traffic

    WeChat applet is an additional entry; support independent mini program brands; commodities and on-line stores can be forwarded by one click; and new posters can be customized

  • Perfect Social Fission Distribution System

    Support automatic two-stage commission distribution settlement, flexible commission counting for design types, system membership promotion rules and automatic statistics of team sales performance

Core Functions

  • Distribution Store

    The merchant can set up a social fission distribution store in 1 second and the twitter can quickly get promotion link and QR code

    • A store will be immediately set up once login is authorized and invitation code is entered
    • You can save money while purchase and ear money by sharing
    • Produce JD mini quickly
  • Promotion System

    Through the WeChat ecology and social fission, the twitter can retain the merchant’s own traffic and share the social traffic of their own

    • Run its own traffic WeChat group
    • If you do not have any traffic, you can buy massive WeChat group exposure for promotion
    • Facilitate management on direct and indirect members
  • Commission System

    A merchant can set the commodity promotion commission. A promoter can get corresponding commission when the promotion is made and transaction is closed

    • Perfect and Attractive Commission System
    • Direct sales commission inspiring commodity promotion persons
    • Indirect commission inspiring the distributor promotion person
  • Accurate marketing

    Introduce JD intelligent big data computation to precisely lock terminal customer groups, intelligently select individualized products to different persons

    • Via individualized promotion to different persons every day, selective and promotive commodities can be found quickly
    • With intelligent recommendation for individualized groups via social group assistant, the twitters are set free
    • Precise promotion, save the time for choosing


Private Domain

Typical Scenario: Every enterprise wants its own official WeChat applet. With the official account, H5, WeChat is perfect exploited and private brand traffic is gotten

Solution: JD Cloud E-store - Store Version, JD Cloud E-store - Online Store Version

Customer Acquisition

Typical Scenario: Get traffic through social scenario and help merchants acquire customers quickly

Solution: Acquire customers through social scenario of WeChat applet - Official Account


Typical Scenario: Support more mini program play ways; with social group robot assistant, your hands are released; with intelligent recommendation, order conversion rate is increased

Solution: Circle fission play ways of WeChat group include group purchase, bargain, rebate and coupon. Intelligent recommendation is given by social group robot assistant


Typical Scenario: Expand your small circle of friends into a huge social circle and make use of these social tools to promote your interpersonal relationship in the circle

Solution: Adopt 2-stage commission distribution and inspire users to share and earn commissions


Typical Scenario: Make precise marketing as per user or group behavior model and provide VIP internal coupon to increase repurchase rate

Solution: Analyze commodities with intelligent data for different person and different groups. Upon getting followers, discounts and rebates will be given if 90% JD commodities are purchased, increasing repurchase survival rate

Series Products

JD Cloud E-store - Store Version

"The community-based e-commerce SaaS platform able to be participated in by all people" reduces the goods selling threshold. Simplify the store setup process, and further integrate JD’s high quality supply chain, so the sellers or KOL online celebrities can focus on commodity propagation on terminal C without considering channels and after-sales problems, and ordinary persons can "start up business with one click".

JD Cloud E-store - On-line Store Version

Every enterprise wants an on-line store integrated with official mini program + official account. Let’s set up the on-line store on WeChat and make full use of WeChat marketing

JD Cloud E-store - Social Group Assistant

JD Cloud E-store social group assistant is an AI promotion robot dedicated for promotion of JD Cloud E-store, which helps you quickly start social e-commerce, select products and manage commodity recommendation of WeChat group. We provide automatic operation and management, releasing your hands and promoting operation efficiency