Government Affairs Cloud Security Solution

Based on the safe and reliable JD Cloud platform, provide complex security capacity, help the cloud service of government affairs department and meet the compliance requirements for data security.

Challenges It Faces

  • Network Security Threats

    Massive DDoS attacks lead to the crash of government affairs system.

    • DDoS Attack
    • CC Attack
  • System Security Threats

    Exploitation vulnerabilities of Virtual Machines and operating system leads to various kinds of security incidents at the system level.

    • System Vulnerabilities
    • VM Intrusion
  • Application Security Threats

    Normal Web security threats and webpage temper will damage the stability of government affairs system, impact information release it carries and lead to adverse effect on the reputation of government.

    • Website Back Door
    • Webpage Tamper
  • Data Security Threat

    The security problems of data storage, transmission and utilization under the trend that data processing of Government Affairs Cloud is transferred from decentralization to centralization.

    • Data Leak
    • Data Theft
    • Data Tamper


Architecture Design

Based on grade protection and compliance requirements of Government Affairs Cloud, carry out systematic design by complying with “principle of hierarchical protection domains” of government affairs Internet. aking users as the core, JD Cloud integrates JD’s professional security teams. Based on years of offensive and defensive experience and results accumulated by security technology research, it provides customers with DDoS security protection, Web application firewall, endpoint security, situation awareness, application security gateway and other professional security services. Meanwhile, it combines the best third-party security vendors in the industry to build complete security service system to realize security protection full covering from physical environment to virtualization, cloud platform, network, application and data, which provides users with all-round security measures to ensure their business to be safe and stable, so that users can use the cloud with trust.

Features of the Plan

  • In Accordance with Compliance Supervision

    The platform has passed grade protection of level three, credible cloud service verification and compliance verification of ITSS cloud computing service capability standard.

  • Multiple-Layer Security Defense

    Provide secure and reliable Government Affairs Cloud, face to users to provide multiple configurations for advanced security protection, provide selections for diversified secure value added service.

  • Low Cost with High Reliability

    Provide stable and rapid expansion with low cost, extra-large capacity storage, data automatic multiple backups and implement automatic fault recovery, ensure the service to be stable and high available.

  • Professional Security Service

    Professional security experience, security solution, security O&M, security response and other security teams can provide full life cycle service support.

Recommended Products

Anti-DDoS Pro

Provide value-added protection for users who are subject to high traffic DDoS attacks. The origin server is hidden by replacing the service IP with the Anti-DDoS Pro.

CNY 6,000/month

Web Application Firewall

It can identify and protect malicious features against the website traffic, avoiding malicious web server intrusion and ensuring the core data security of the service.

CNY 3,880/month

Situation Awareness

Through data modeling, behavior learning and intelligence correlation analysis, JD Cloud's big data security analysis products can fully monitor the security, discover intrusions and attack threats, and help customers build their own security monitoring and defense systems.

RMB 150/set/month