Government-Enterprise Business Cloud Solution

Help customers use JD Cloud Workspaces to easily build high quality cloud office environment and facilitate growth of customer businesses.

Plan Benefits

  • Multiple Deployment Methods

    Customers can select most suitable deployment methods among three supported deployment methods of Public Cloud, Private Cloud and Hybrid Cloud according to their needs.

  • Multiple Scenarios Support

    Support governments, large enterprises, medical institutions, universities and other industrial scenarios, and provide effective protection for customers in different industries and fields.

  • Multiple Resources Support

    Provide multiple layers resources support from terminal hardware, network facilities, cloud resources to IDC environments, guaranteeing customers to implement JD Cloud Workspaces office environment deployment rapidly.

  • Professional Services

    The high-end technical team ensures the fine management and proper implementation for each business and technical step through the industry-leading SLA system of standardization.

Solution Architecture

Architecture Introduction

The Cloud Office based on JD Cloud Workspaces of JD Cloud consists of six module layers of user layer, protocol layer, access layer, control layer, resource layer and basic support layer, providing strong support for customers to build their office systems that meet their business needs. It can not only implement centralized security protection for user data, just like traditional virtual workspace, but also realize all-around security guarantee in seven aspects from terminal security, account security, network security, data security, O&M security, infrastructure security to security monitoring and audit.

Solution Description

  • Public Cloud Method

    The JD Cloud Workspaces of Public Cloud can effectively reduce the cost of customer system by more than 25% on average. By adopting Public Cloud computing, storage, network and other infrastructures, customers need no separate purchase for VDI hardware and software, which greatly reduces initial system construction costs of customers. Rapid multiple types of workspaces delivery can be realized.

    • Complete VDI environments can be set up in advance.
    • Compared with traditional virtual workspace projects, it can be compressed to less than 10% of its original when use
  • Private Cloud Method

    For private deployment method, customers need to select and purchase infrastructure resources according to their own business status. After infrastructure resources are deployed in place, JD Cloud can rapidly set up Private JD Cloud Workspaces environment for customers. Support customized needs of customers such as security enhancement, performance optimization, and proprietary devices.

    • Provide private customized development
    • Provide one-stop JD Cloud Workspaces Service
  • Hybrid Cloud Method

    In order to meet the security and controllable needs of customers, the access layer and the control layer are built in the private IDC of customers to ensure that customers have full control over access, IAM, supervision and other functions of users. In order to meet the needs of resource Auto Scaling, the resource layer is deployed in the Public Cloud of JD Cloud so that customers can configure the count of JD Cloud Workspaces resources.

    • The Public Cloud network supports customers' private IDC network direct connection or VPN connection to ensure data transmission security.
    • Support unified control interface between Private Cloud and Public Cloud, support unified management and O&M of Hybrid Cloud.
  • Service Guarantee

    Implement all-around solutions of user business escort, resource optimization, data migration, business test drill, technician skill training, SDK support, community services, etc. through quality and efficient technical support and industry-leading SLA.

    • 7 x 24h SLA.
    • Professional Technician Support

Hardware Resources

Hardware Resources Introduction

At the side of end users, JD Cloud unites JD Mall's distribution channels of displays, thin terminals, desktops, laptops, Pads, cellphones, etc. to rapidly provide customers with terminal products and services with high cost performance. In terms of cloud hardware, JD Cloud unites partners to provide customers with servers, gateway devices, storage devices, and other hardware, as well as GPU Virtual Machines and Cloud All-in-one Machines. In terms of network infrastructures and customer proprietary IDC environment construction, JD Cloud also empower users through years of technical and infrastructure accumulation to greatly increase deployment efficiency of customer JD Cloud Workspaces business system. GPU technical proposal, as shown in the following figure.

GPU Technical Proposal

Industrial Solutions

Government Office Solutions

Typical Scenario: In governments of cities, there are multiple functional departments, between which departments both need mutual collaboration and mutual data separation. Generally, there are problems and risks for Traditional IT solutions.

Solution: Build stable and reliable JDStack Proprietary Cloud, enabling cities to own independent and complete cloud environments. Build five-layer security system of network security, running environment security, Endpoint Security, application security and data security to ensure the security and reliability of cloud basic environment. Aiming at characteristics of government affairs, JD Cloud Workspaces SaaS platform provides a complete set of solutions of government affairs office, mobile office, dual network separation and GPU acceleration.

Enterprise Office Solutions

Typical Scenario: In large group enterprises, there are a variety of core businesses and many departments, between which there are both independent and multi-level associations. Traditional IT solutions are suitable for separated office of each department, and each employee is provided with desktop, laptop and other office devices. Traditional solutions are facing multiple challenges.

Solution: Use Public Cloud infrastructures of JD Cloud to set up secure and reliable basic supporting environment for JD Cloud Workspaces of group enterprise customers, delivering computing, storage and network resources with high reliability and reducing the overall cost by 25%. In order to meet the needs of various business scenarios and multi-department collaborative office of the group enterprise, JD Cloud Workspaces provide overall solutions integrating various scenarios of call center, Collaborative Office, dual network separation, business outsourcing, etc., offering support for the business growth of the group enterprises.

Medical Institutions Solutions

Typical Scenario: Medical institutions generally adopt information system to assist doctors to perform diagnosis and treatment for patients, assist patients to pay fees, get medicines and accept examinations. IT department of medical institutions is generally weak in manpower and technology, so that O&M stress of traditional medical system is high, and the processing time increases after fault, which brings inconvenience to patients.

Solution: Use multiple terminal devices to access system for visiting businesses and data of each own. The data are stored in the data center rather than stored in the terminal, which ensures the core medical data security and protect privacy of patients from leakage. Support audit and monitoring functions to ensure that medical problems are traceable. By accessing advanced data analysis system, help medical institutions improve patient medical process and assist doctors to increase their diagnostic accuracy.

University Education Solutions

Typical Scenario: In universities, different departments will set up multiple information systems for teaching by students and scientific research by faculties. In some Labs, instead of formalized information system there are only a few loose computer devices with their system maintained by teachers and students. The traditional mode easily leads to problems of leakage or loss of important scientific research data, high device damage rate, low resource utilization rate and high O&M cost.

Solution: Security characteristic of no terminal data saved locally provided by JD Cloud Workspaces ensures key data of teaching and research are kept confidential. Take advantage of high availability of cloud computing storage to protect key data from loss. By centralized O&M and device management, reduce maintenance of terminal devices conducted by teachers and students so as to reduce unprofessional operations leading to device damage. By using unified O&M tools, greatly reduce system O&M time and manpower costs. By centralized resource management, greatly increase IT resource utilization and reduce waste.

Financial Branch Solutions

Typical Scenario: In financial industry, no matter banks, insurance, securities companies or financial regulatory agencies, they all have high requirements for information security and confidentiality. Only by meeting requirement s of security and compliance, establish a complete information security system, can it pass the regulation and audit of competent authority.

Solution: Record complete audit information for customers as per the industry compliance standards. Enhance security in terms of accounts and permissions management, following minimum permission principle. On the basis of security and compliance, JD Cloud Workspaces support multiple terminals and financial businesses such financial branch terminals, lobby money management terminals, mobile office terminals, etc. Establish private basic support layer to meet customers' requirements of private deployment. Different user terminals establish secure communication connection with data centers to prevent data leakage during data transmission. Support remote backup of storage system and database to improve data reliability. Support convenient and efficient terminal and data center O&M.