HA Solutions for Cloud Systems

Guide users to easily build an application system with high availability on JD Cloud and help user business system achieve long-term and uninterrupted running

Solution Benefits

  • Reliable Infrastructure

    JD Cloud has constructed 8 availability zones in 4 regions all over the country. Each availability zone is composed of IDCs with advanced facilities and sound functions, providing users with stable and reliable infrastructures.

  • Flexible Computing High Availability

    It supports multiple high availability design cross fault domains, cross availability zones, cross regions and cross clouds and provides the Availability Group product to satisfy multiple demands of users and enable users to easily implement the high availability of server cluster.

  • Multiple Data-level High Availability

    It provides high-availability Block Storage, File Storage, OSS products, supports high availability of database, cache and Middleware and guarantee data-level high availability of users.

  • Advanced High-availability Network

    JD Cloud has built high-availability VPC and public IP to support the construction of high-availability network direct connection and guarantee stability and reliability of network.

Technical Architecture

Architecture Introduction

Based on its long-term technological accumulation, JD Cloud has built a complete product and service system that can support high-availability architecture. Based on its stable and firm infrastructure guarantee, JD Cloud has made use of the efficient fault-tolerant mechanism and reliable architecture foundation to research and develop cloud computing products that can support users to enable computing, data and network and other advanced technologies in a high-availability business application system.

Main Solutions

Use Availability Group

Typical Scenario: The use of Availability Group can automatically implement the system high availability architecture.

Solution: By using Availability Group to deploy VM Instances, JD Cloud guarantee that instances are scattered in different physical fault domains in multiple availability zones, where these fault domains are isolated to each other. The Availability Group can guarantee that the hardware faults in the fault domain will not affect instances in other fault domains, so as to secure the normal running of the business system.

Use PaaS Platform

Typical Scenario: The use of PaaS Platform product provided by JD Cloud can achieve the high availability of components.

Solution: Because it is relatively difficult to design and achieve the high-availability system, the system built by users often cannot implement the high availability, bringing huge running hidden hazards to the system. JD Cloud's PaaS product provide rather good guarantee with availability checked by long-term application.

Cross-availability Zone

Typical Scenario: By deploying resources in the user business system cross availability zones, you can get very good availability of the system.

Solution: The high availability demand of most users can be satisfied by dividing the availability zones. Users can make full use of JD Cloud's advantages of high bandwidth network among availability zones and utilize the cross-availability zone VPC to build a high-availability business system.

Three Availability Zones cross Two Regions

Typical Scenario: It is suitable for users having very high requirements for the availability of business system to ensure that the system can normally provide services even if there is an earthquake or other large-scale natural calamities.

Solution: Industries and users having high requirements for availability and reliability can use the deployment architecture in three availability zones cross two regions based on cloud computing platform so as to realize the remote disaster recovery while ensuring the high availability of system running. Users can deploy the same complete business systems in the three availability zones at the same time. Use Availability Group in the same availability zone to enhance the availability. In the three availability zones, two provide external services as the primary business systems and the other one as backup system. The data in the systems in the three availability zones are guaranteed to be consistent with the data synchronization mechanism.

System Vulnerability Testing

Typical Scenario: With the overall vulnerability testing, you can find the position liable to have association fault and the fault single point in the system in advance.

Solution: In a complex business system, since the correlation among modules is complex, it is not easy to determine some hidden system fault problems in the design and deployment. So it is necessary to conduct the overall vulnerability testing to the user business system in order to find the position liable to have association fault and the fault single point in the system in advance.

High-availability Hybrid Cloud Based on Direct Connection

Typical Scenario: Use high-availability network direct connection to build the user business system on Hybrid Cloud.

Solution: The Hybrid Cloud architecture provides users with data and business security and realizes high availability of the system. The use of direct connection can not only realize high-speed data transmission but also improve high availability. Users having high requirements for network connectivity can use independent direct connections built by two direct connection service providers. If one of the direct connections is taken as primary transmission data, it is necessary to check the connectivity of the backup direct connection at regular intervals in case that the backup direct connection cannot take over the work when the primary direct connection fails.