Hybrid Cloud Security Solutions

Under Hybrid Cloud Scenarios, provide overall security solutions with multi-dimension and multi-layer for businesses of public cloud, hosted area, user owned IDC, etc.

Scheme Description

  • Network Interconnection

    Provide multiple flexible and convenient network access schemes such as direct line and VPN to implement network secure, reliable and fast interconnection between JD Public Cloud, JD Cloud Cabinet Service, user owned IDC under Hybrid Cloud scenario.

    • Standard Multi-line BGP Bandwidth
    • Flexible Network Access Scheme
  • Deep Security Defense

    Provide JD Public Cloud, JD Cloud Cabinet Service, user owned IDC with deep security defense system from physical layer to network layer, host layer, application layer and data layer to ensure the business security and data security of users and provide diverse security value added service choices.

    • Reliable JD Public Cloud Security Service
    • Security Protection Plan for Cabinet Service on Demand
  • Flexible Elastic Expansion

    Relied on the benefits of Elastic Expansion of JD Cloud service resources, it can efficiently deal with sudden increase in user demand for capacity, quickly release the resources for capacity expansion in the cloud and implement conveniently and the flexible elastic expansion for user businesses when the sudden demand for capacity ends.

    • Automatic Rapid Deployment
    • Flexible Auto Scaling
  • Security Experts Service

    Senior security expert team of JD provides users with secure experience, enforcement, emergency response and other security service supports with full life cycle.

    • Vulnerability Scanning
    • Penetration Test
    • Emergency Response

Solution Architecture

Recommended Architecture

Based on secure and reliable JD Cloud platform and combining with flexible and elastic characteristics of JD Cloud service products, front businesses of users are migrated to JD Public Cloud platform and core data are deployed in JD Cloud Cabinet Service, to implement interconnection with user owned IDCs. While the core data of users need not to go cloud, they still fully enjoy the scalability, security, convenience and unified operation and maintenance management brought by JD Cloud. Under the Hybrid Cloud Scenario, it provides users with DDoS attack protection, Web application protection, system security, situation awareness and other security services covering Public Cloud and Cabinet Service, while cooperating with the most excellent third-party security manufacturers in the industry to offer localized security defense system for JD Cloud Cabinet Service on demand, and provide users with complete and reliable solutions, secure operation and maintenance services to guarantee the overall business security and data security of users to assist rapid user business migration and secure going cloud.


  • In Accordance with Compliance Supervision

    JD Cloud platform has passed Information Classified Security Protection Level 3, Trusted Cloud Service Certification, ITSS Cloud Computing Service Capability Standard Compliance Certification, Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) Certification.

  • Reliable Infrastructure

    JD Cloud has a Tier3+ high-quality data center, providing dual-circuit power supply guarantee and redundant cooling of water-cooled air conditioner, with running environment availability of over 99.99%.

  • Low Cost with High Reliability

    Considering the protection of legacy IT assets and combining with benefits of elastic expansion of JD Cloud, it can provide flexible Pay-As-You-Go service to implement stable and fast expansion of users with low cost to effectively reduce the future cost input of users.

  • Complete Ecological System

    JD Cloud cooperates with the best third-party security vendors in the industry to provide security ecological system so as to implement the full coverage of physical environment, virtualization, cloud platform, network, system, application and data security.

Recommended Products

Anti-DDoS Pro

It can provide value -added protection service for users who are subject to mass traffic DDoS attacks, and hide origin servers by replacing Service IP with Anti-DDoS Pro.

From RMB 6,000/month

Web Application Firewall

It can identify malicious features against the website service traffic and apply protection, avoid malicious intrusion to web servers and guarantee security of service core data.

From RMB 3,880/month

Situation Awareness

Through data modeling, behavior learning and intelligence correlation analysis, JD Cloud's big data security analysis products can fully insight the security view, discover intrusions and attack threats, and help customers build their own security monitoring and defense systems.

RMB 150/set/month