Biologic Empowerment of JD Cloud Industrial Chain

Assist the local government to build and create a smart city with the service theory of “Digital Transformation of Industrial Cloud, and New Economic Agglomeration of Cloud Industry”.

Scheme Specification

  • Platform Attracting Investment with Industrial Big Data

    Create a platform attracting investment with industrial big data of the on-line investment attracting capacity by adopting the platform + policy + attracting mode in accordance with the successful off-line investment attracting experience

    • Regional industry analysis
    • Regional featured product analysis
    • Industry chain analysis
    • Industry upgrade service
  • Merchant Service Center

    JD Merchant Service Center is an important carrier leading and promoting local industry transformation and upgrade, promoting agglomeration of the E-commerce industry and exerting the scale effect.

    • Move-in qualification lead guide service + Product selection and proposal consultation
    • Enterprise upgoing optimization guide + enterprise brand orientation analysis
    • Shop analysis and orientation
    • Shop operation and planning guide
  • Industry Agglomeration

    With data and technology capacity, JD can optimize and promote transformation and upgrade of local industrial structure and traditional industries, and bring in the full-industry chain ecopartner to the local.

    • Industrial analysis
    • Industry Upgrade
    • Investment attraction
    • Performance result
  • Industrial Cooperation

    Integrate all elements of JD E-commerce, enable capacities of local government, and assist the local government to create new powers for local economic development and new business type for industrial development.

    • Cooperation mode
    • Cooperation content
    • Cooperation value

Scheme Specification

Precise Launch Platform

The urban precise launch platform is a one-stop on-line precise propaganda and exhibition platform, created with the support of JD’s big data. It is a city image exhibition window, the key channel of attracting investment and advertising and also the “city brief case” of the city manager. The precise investment platform can push the city development achievements on-line by targeting receivers of key regions and save relevant data collected into local cloud database, enabling significant meaning and value to administrative achievements.

Solution Architecture

Industry Agglomeration Mode

In accordance with the current situation of local urban industry development, the experience and benefits of JD Group in cloud computing, big data, E-commerce and other aspects are combined organically with the advantages of local industries, in order to facilitate the transformation and upgrade of local industries, inspire the economic development energy, create a new special development mode for local industries, jointly build a new economic industry ecosphere for E-commerce with local municipal government, and assist with the transformation of local traditional industries while improving the accuracy to attract investments; by providing industry infrastructure supporting services, in combination with introducing high-quality E-commerce ecological resources and industry related partners to this locality; industries including e-commerce are supported to continue being expanded and booming for the long term; the industry layout is planned, and the industry chain is extended; the gathering of regional industries is accelerated, and the integration and development of industries are improved.

Typical Scenario

Industrial resource connection conference

Typical Scenario: Resources are connected regarding introducing investments to this locality through inviting upstream and downstream enterprises in the industry chain to the conference, and the industry agglomeration demonstration leading role is played through media promotion.

Industrial Peak Forum

Typical Scenario: By holding the JD City Digital Economic Industry Development Peak Forum, JD’s benefits in ecological resources and brand influence are given full play.

JD City Brand Festival

Typical Scenario: Hold a local featured industrial brand festival by cooperating with the local government. The building of local industrial brands is assisted by selling products in JD, launching of advertisements inside and outside the website, internal purchase activities, live activities, data display, online and offline two-way diversion, online and offline media dissemination, and others, to increase the competitiveness and influence of local special industrial brands.

Industrial Activity Case

Typical Scenario: JD’s advantages in ecological resources and brand influence are given full play through a series of activities customized for this locality, and for the themes including industry development trend, industrial experts and representatives from scientific research institutes are invited to give suggestions and advices jointly for the local urban industry development. Also the promotion through well-known media also plays an industry agglomeration demonstration leading role.

JD Cloud·Speaking

Typical Scenario: “JD Cloud·Speaking” is an open communication platform launched by JD Cloud for governmental governors, dedicated to providing an activity platform for discussing good policies, sharing experience, in-depth communication, regional industry development layout and promotion of industry transformation and upgrade in the mode of conversation, salon and training class in combination with high-quality JD resources and expert resources.

Cooperation of JD’s four unmanned ecologic products

Typical Scenario: In recent years, JD has continuously realized new breakthroughs in the smart logistics field, among which a series of smart logistics and experiential shopping projects have obtained rich technical achievements and have been put into practice, including unmanned aerial vehicles, unmanned ground vehicles, unmanned storehouse, unmanned supermarket, etc. Different cooperation modes can be provided to different fields according to real conditions of each region via the JD Cloud industry cooperation.