Points Mall Solution

Bonus point is one of the commonly used tools in the marketing process. They have become the main means for attracting and retaining customers. The consumption and realization of points is a very important part of the life cycle of points. And credit consumption is a significant part of perfecting point marketing.


  • Quickly Build Points Mall

    Quickly build points mall to help enterprises consume the existing bonus point stock.

  • JD Commodities can be quickly exchanged

    Set up a commodity warehouse without any effort and rapidly input high-quality and reliable self-support commodities of JD. JD provides the exchange service of over a million commodities, and high-efficient logistics and after-sales service, giving you the brand effect of JD.

  • Smart Commodity Selection

    Assist enterprises to select the commodities based on the preference of users, enhancing the user’s stickiness and satisfaction.

  • Easy for Monetization

    JD may help enterprises quickly consume the bonus points while realizing rapid realization of its own traffic

Typical Scenario


Typical Scenario: Increase sales categories and turnover to promote the conversion of bonus points into value-added services.

Solution: Points Mall

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Customer relationship maintenance

Typical Scenario: Redeem lost customers through channel rewards, customer care, and secondary consumption when exchange.

Solution: Points Mall

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Employee Welfare

Typical Scenario: Through the credits exchange, the company distributes prizes and gifts to motivate employees and maximize their contribution and loyalty.

Solution: Points Mall

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