Internet Finance Security Solutions

Based on the safe and reliable JD Cloud platform, it provides multilayered and multidimensional integrated security ability to offer the Internet Finance customers stable, reliable and compliant security solutions.


  • Network Attack

    DDoS attacks have become common security threats in the internet financial industry. Mass-traffic and high-frequency DDoS attacks and CC attacks lead to interruption of financial services and bring huge economic losses.

    • Frequent DDoS Attack
    • Malicious CC Attack
  • Application Threat

    Exploitation of vulnerability, unsecured configuration, common Web security threats and counterfeit websites bring enormous challenges to secure running of applications.

    • Common Web Attack
    • Vast System Vulnerability
  • Data Risk

    The data in financial industry is far more sensitive than those in other industries. Once it is stolen, revealed or tampered, there will not only bring economic losses but also law risks.

    • Data Transmission Security
    • Date Storage Security
  • Audit Security

    The financial industry is a key zone supervised by the Regulatory Agency who provides specified security and audit requirements for access and operations of remote operation and maintenance personnel and system management personnel.

    • Audit of Operations of Remote Operation and Maintenance Personnel
    • Audit of Operations of Remote System Management Personnel


Architecture Description

Based on the safe and reliable JD Cloud platform and JD's security protection experience over the years, focusing on the typical security risks and architecture features of the internet financial industry, it provides users with professional security services such as DDoS Attack Protection, Web Application Protection, System Security, Situation Awareness, Monitoring and SSL Certificate Management and at the same time, cooperates with the most excellent third-party security manufactures in the industry to create the security service system in compliance with the financial regulation, so as to provide users with the complete and reliable security defense system and safe operation and maintenance services, guarantee business and data security of users, and support technical upgrades and secure clouding of the internet financial industry.


  • Deep Security Defense

    It provides deep security defense from physical level, network level, machine level, application level and data level so as to guarantee business and data security of users and offer diverse selections to security value-added services.

  • In Accordance with Compliance Supervision

    The JD Cloud platform has passed grade protection of level three, credible cloud service verification and ITSS cloud computing service capability standard compliance verification and payment card industry data security standard (PCI-DSS) verification. The solutions comply with the compliance requirements of financial regulations.

  • Complete Ecosystem

    JD Cloud cooperates with the most excellent third-party security manufactures in the industry to create the complete security ecosystem so as to implement an overall secure coverage of the cloud platform, network, system, data and application system.

  • Security Expert Service

    The professional team of security experts will provide users with full life cycle service supports such as security physical examination, reinforcement, operation and maintenance as well as emergency response.

Recommended Products

Application Security Gateway

In respect of websites and APP services, it provides features such as WAF, user access audit and business safety visual and compliance check to guarantee the stable and sustainable business running.

Start from RMB 299/month

Anti-DDoS Pro

Provide value-added protection for users who are subject to mass-traffic DDoS attacks. The origin server is hidden by replacing the service IP with the Anti-DDoS Pro.

Start from RMB 6,000/month

Situation Awareness

Through data modeling, behavior learning and intelligence correlation analysis, JD Cloud's big data security analysis products can fully monitor the security, discover intrusions and attack threats, and help customers build their own security monitoring and defense systems.